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Temp-Flex® High Performance Wire and Cable


Temp-Flex is a manufacturer of specialty wire & cable and invests heavily in research & development to provide technological solutions to the Medical, Aerospace, Military, Computer, Electronics, Test & Measurement and Industrial markets. Processing equipment & tooling are fabricated in our fully equipped machine and fabrication shops to ensure product consistency. Our extrusion process predominantly uses fluoropolymer insulation, a Teflon® alternative, with a concentration on thin walls for the medical industry and faster speeds for the electronics industry. Temp-Flex products are typically used in markets with extreme conditions and harsh environments. All of Temp-Flex's standard product lines follow RoHS compliancy standards.

  • Micro Miniature Wire and Cable
  • Continuous Coil
  • Coaxial Cable
  • FEP Ribbon Cable

Microminiature Wire and Cable

Temp-Flex provides medical equipment wire, cable and continuous coils to the medical industry. A 1/2 mil (0.0005") wall of biomedical coating, a Teflon® alternative, is extruded pin hole free over wires finer than a human hair.Temp-Flex biomedical extruded coatings include: ETFE, PEEK, PFA and FEP

  • Coaxial Cable - Temp-Flex micro miniature coaxial cables have an O.D. of 12.5 mils (0.0125") and larger. Precise single extrusion technology is coupled with a round or flat wire shield for consistent dimensional control.
  • Ribbon Cable - Micro miniature wires are manufactured into ribbon format for wire management and ease of routability.
  • Round Cable - Medical wire, cable and filaments bundled together using Temp-Flex low tension planetary cabling equipment.
  • Twisted Pair - Temp-Flex precise tension controls twist micro miniature wires together with a consistent lay length.
  • Hook-Up Wire - Coatings are applied over various medical grade base metals. Temp-Flex sophisticated tension controls are gentle enough to handle 3 mil (0.003") gold wires.

Continuous Coil
Small wires >0.001" (1mil) diameter wrapped around a core using high angle serve technology achieving a continuous length coil.

Coaxial Cable
Consistent manufacturing processes are used to maintain tight mechanical tolerances yielding extremely consistent electrical performance of our Flexible RF Cable, Flexible Microwave Cable, Low Inductance Cable and Coaxial Ribbon Cable. Low loss, flexible microwave cables utilize our patented monofilament technology proven to enhance performance at high frequencies. They are designed to be flexible yet rugged while maintaining consistent electrical performance.

FEP Flat Ribbon Cables
High temp, high flex, abrasion resistant cables use chemically inert insulation material. The low dielectric FEP material is extruded creating electrical performance advantages.

  • I.D.C. (Insulation Displacement Connector) Ribbon Cable - Temp-Flex FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene, a Teflon® alternative) insulated conductors are extruded into ribbon format for ease of termination with standard I.D.C.'s.
  • Flex Cable - Temp-Flex flex cable has self-lubricating FEP insulation material and 19 strand alloy conductors.
  • Matched Impedance Cable - Temp-Flex FEP ribbon cable is extruded to match specific system impedance with typical speeds < 1 Ghz and risetimes >1 ns.
  • Mil-Spec Approved Cable - Temp-Flex military approved FEP insulated cables meet demanding environmental testing. Approved: M49055/11 & /12.
Part Number View Inventory
F2807S FEP Ribbon Cable, 28AWG, High Temp
F3007S FEP Ribbon Cable, 30 AWG, High Temp

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