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Molex Product News

stAK50h™ Infotainment Connector System

Molex introduces the stAK50h™ Infotainment Connector System that incorporates unsealed hybrid connectors to deliver both signal and Ethernet connectivity through one low-footprint connector. Infotainment systems have traditionally relied on two separate connection systems: one for signal and one for Ethernet connectivity. The stAK50h™ connector interface eliminates the need for two separate connection systems. Molex stAK50h

When OEMs insist on industry-approved 0.5mm and 1.20mm terminal interconnects, the stAK50™ is the ultimate choice. The terminals are designed to fit AK-based terminal cavities in the receptacle housings for a number of different connectivity needs. The stAK50h™ is perfect for high-density, low-current signal (4.0A) and Ethernet communication applications.


Features & Benefits:

  • Standard USCAR color-coded housings support visual polarization
  • Expedites assembly of connector systems
  • Compliant to USCAR-2 and global automation standards
  • Enables faster time-to-market
  • PCB alignment posts for mating headers ensure proper terminal alignment in via-holes of the PCB assembly
  • 0.50mm and 1.20mm terminals developed around NanoMQS and AK Specifications
  • Supports a wide range of low-current signal (4.0A) and Ethernet applications


  • Automotive
    • Comfort
    • Driver Assistance Systems
    • In-Vehicle Network
    • Infotainments Systems
    • Safety
  • Commercial Vehicle
    • Body Electronic Modules
    • Interior Electronic Modules
Part Number View Inventory
160013-3041 AK50 HYBRID HDR ASSY 56 CKT KEY4&1/56
160014-0001 AK50 HYBRID RCPT 28 CKT DKGRY KEY 1
160014-0004 AK50 HYBRID RCPT 28 CKT BLACK KEY 4

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stAK50h™ Infotainment Connector System(.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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