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Molex Product News

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Molex's EMS-Enable System Offers Cost-Effective, Reliable Solution for Sending 12-Lead ECG Fax From Vehicle to Hospital

LISLE, Ill. - December 16, 2004 - The new EMS-Enable(tm) interconnect system from Molex® Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLXE and MOLAE) offers a low-cost, reliable method for sending an encrypted 12-lead ECG (Electrocardiogram) from a vehicle to a hospital environment. The EMS-Enable System is portable, making it convenient for paramedics and other emergency medical professionals to send high-quality transmissions via digital cellular networks to a fax machine or printer.

Using Molex's TelEnable(tm) technology, the complete system consists of the EMS-Enable Unit and the EMS-Enable Hub. The battery-powered EMS-Enable Unit is located in the remote location and transmits an encrypted fax, making it possible to receive a clean, unmodified fax of the 12-lead ECG. It is capable of sending a fax output from most existing 12-lead heart monitors. Plus, it supports storage for up to six pages of simple 12-lead ECG fax information to guarantee reliable delivery of the fax. Acting as the decoder, the EMS-Enable Hub is located at a hospital or communications center and can handle up to four simultaneous connections. It logs all incoming faxes, handles storage for up to 500 faxes and allows files to be easily downloaded to a PC to ensure archiving needs. The hub can also be used as a relay station within EMS networks that include multiple hospitals, forwarding the 12-lead ECG fax to the appropriate destination.

According to Randy Jones, strategic product manager, Molex Incorporated, the shift from analog to digital has made it virtually impossible for many of these existing applications to function compatibly with each other. "To overcome these challenges, Molex invested seven years of research and development into the TelEnable technology that is at the core of the EMS-Enable System," said Jones.

The EMS-Enable System is FDA 510(k) cleared, meeting government compliance requirements. With compact packaging, inverted position and easy mounting, the system is user-friendly and easy-to-install. Data encryption provides security of the transmission and receipt of the information. Plus, the EMS-Enable System includes LED status indicators and power management features to ensure confirmation of a successful fax transmission.

The EMS-Enable System is currently being used in a number of applications. For instance, Provena Saint Joseph Hospital's foundation, Elgin, Ill., purchased the EMS-Enable System to help local fire departments diagnose patients before they arrive at the hospital.

"Our goal is to diagnose and get the patient to the hospital in a minimal amount of time, and the EMS-Enable System allows us to do just that," said Melissa Powers, RN, BSN, EMT-P, EMS Coordinator, Provena Saint Joseph Hospital. "Recently, we had a patient en route to the hospital who was experiencing a cardiac event. Using the EMS-Enable System, we were able to transmit the patient's 12-lead ECG directly to the Emergency Department fax line for physician diagnosis. The physician then mobilized the team from the cardiac catheterization lab. This allowed the paramedics to bypass the ER and bring the patient directly to surgery, significantly reducing the time between the onset of symptoms and delivering definitive care."

Molex also offers a version for standard faxing. The FaxEnable(tm) System is being used within command vehicles and HAZ-MAT teams to receive critical information in the field via fax over their cellular phones.

Lead-time is four to six weeks.

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