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Molex Product News

Press Release
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Molex is the First to Offer High-Speed Connectors and Cable Assemblies to Support the External PCI Express Standards

LISLE, Ill. – June 5, 2006 – As computer components evolve to require increased speeds and bandwidths, the electronics industry is creating new specifications to fully enable next-generation communications platforms. The PCIe Working Group chose Molex Incorporated to be the first interconnect company to develop the External PCI Express (PCIe) offering. This offering includes a full line of high-speed connectors and cable assemblies that are specifically designed to support the new, multi-purpose, hot-pluggable input/output (I/O) interface standard for the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Express.

“Technology devices are quickly out growing PCI and AGP performance standards and increased speed and bandwidth architectures continue to populate the technology markets,” said Jay Neer, strategic marketing manager, Molex Incorporated.

“In response to these ever-changing needs, Molex has developed the External PCI Express offering, which is a full range of solutions that are the first, to support the new serialized PCI Express speed and performance requirements to meet our customers’ interconnection needs.”

The new External PCI Express offering fits all popular mechanical architectures. These interconnection systems offer future scalability and flexibility by supporting Generation I PCIe data rates at 2.5 Gbps through Generation II bandwidths of 5.0 Gbps. The External PCI Express connectors, guide frames and cable assemblies are available in multiple configurations, including a high durability x1 configuration (18-circuit TDP™ connector), as well as x4, x8 (38 and 68-circuit iPass™ connector) and x16 (136-circuit iPass™ connector) configurations.

Molex’s range of products for the new PCI Express standards include:

External PCIe x 1 solution – Suitable for use in computers, consumer devices, test equipment, instrumentation equipment, industrial equipment and medical imaging applications; the PCIe x1 connector system includes a receptacle, plug and hex jack post. It also offers a shielded, dual-row, cable-to-board I/O system and data rates up to five Gbps with 100 Ohm impedance. The PCIe connector system provides high-volume PCB processing with tape and reel packaging for the receptacle. In addition, its split-beam receptacle contact provides two points of contact, offering optimal signal integrity. The PCIe cable assemblies have an overmold finish, providing a firm-grip surface, as well as an attractive finish at a competitive cost. These cable assemblies are Generation I and II PCIe compliant, which enables flexibility and ease for system upgrades.

External PCIe x4 and x8 solutions –With a 0.8mm (0.31”) pitch, the PCIe x4 and x8 SMT host connectors were specifically designed for placement beneath a guide frame, making them ideal for external applications, such as server and storage equipment, network equipment and computer applications. Their high-temperature, thermoplastic housing enables them to withstand lead-free processing, and the SMT design allows for ease of routing and provides the option for placement on both sides of the PCB.

The guide frames have a die-cast structure and alignment posts that provide a robust chassis-to-chassis interface and stable placement on the PCB. The accompanying screw attachment for the guide frames to the PCB provides a durable I/O connection for large cable bundle management. The cable assemblies also allow more dense cable management because of their streamlined, narrow, latch-pull design. The cables’ flexible latch-pull provides an intuitive latch and unlatch mechanism for easy assembly. They also have a reduced plug width, enabling customers to populate two x4 ports or two x8 ports on a standard PCI Express card.

External PCIe x16 solution – Well-suited for networking and storage equipment, data communications equipment, industrial computer systems, PCIe add-in cards, and high-end graphics cards used in gaming; these x16 products include an integrated stacked connector and cage assembly and cable assemblies. The connector and assembly are held down by a four integral screw-mount, providing optimal retention of the die-cast assembly without taking up additional board real estate. The integrated stacked connector and cage assembly feature a low-profile height to accommodate standard and low-profile PCIe add-in cards. The cable assemblies have a streamlined, narrow, latch-pull design that enables them to handle more dense cable management applications.

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