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Molex Product News

Molex Expands Fiber Optic EMI Adapters Product Line

Molex expands its Fiber Optic EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) Shielding Adapters product line to allow for more design flexibility. New features include:

A Multi-Format 45 degree rear mount single screw EMI adapter
  • The new version allows internally mounted simplex LC Connectors to mate directly to LC, MU or LX.5 connectors on the customer facing port.
Additional configuration options for MPO, SC and LC EMI adapter styles:
  • LC style now offers quad configurations with front or rear mounting options in addition to duplex
  • SC 45 degree simplex rear mount single screw style
  • MPO 45 degree simplex rear mount single screw style
More adapter styles:
  • Snap Mount
  • Front screw mount
  • Rear single screw mount
  • Straight or angled orientation

Developed to address mechanical design requirements, the Fiber Optic EMI Adapters increase shielding effectiveness and enhance front panel aesthetics compared to traditional plastic adapters. They also feature the Molex patented shutter system to provide excellent eye safety features and dust protection. Molex Fiber Optic EMI Adapters are constructed of die cast bodies with an EMI gasket that electrically seals the adapter to the panel and are ideal for applications in telecommunications, data communications and test equipment.

EMI Adapters can be shipped within two to four weeks from order placement.

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