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Molex Product News

Molex's line of microminiature SMT FFC/FPC connectors include features to meet a wide variety of space and application-specific needs

Molex's new 0.62mm height FPC connector offers one of the lowest profiles available in the market today to meet continuing down-sizing trends for mobile applications.

This new 0.30mm (.012") pitch FPC connector was designed for ultra-thin cell-phones. The 0.62mm (.024") height represents the lowest-profile connector offered by Molex, and stretches the boundaries on how low and thin connector designs can go.

This connector is available in a bottom-contact design, which is the most common in the industry. It includes Molex's proven Easy-On actuator design, which provides easy cable access and secure cable retention. The actuator also provides a tactile click for confirmation that the connector is fully mated.

Molex's miniature FFC/FPC SMT connectors come in various fine-pitch options including push and flip-type actuators, which are pre-assembled covers that secure the connection between the FFC-FPC and the connector terminals.

Molex also offers a broad range of ultra low-profile SMT FFC/FPC connectors for tight-packaging applications. Molex is continually developing lower-profile and higher-density features to meet the downsizing needs of electronic equipment makers. New features recently added to Molex's Microminiature FFC/FPC range include dual-contacts to eliminate the need to source different top and bottom mount versions, narrow width versions for further space savings and various cable tab and actuator locking styles to provide additional cable alignment and retention.

Molex 0.30mm SMT FPC Connector

Key Features:

  • Ultra low profile of 0.62mm (.024")
  • FPC ear-tab locking feature
  • Low insertion force (LIF) FPC cable-hold feature
  • Metal reinforced actuator
  • Gold-plated terminal contact area
  • Nickel barrier plating


  • Mobile phones
  • Portable audio players
  • Digital still cameras and video cameras
  • Portable games
  • Car navigation
  • Personal navigation (PND)
  • Any application requiring ultra low profile features
Part Number View Inventory
502761 SMT FCC/FPC Connectors

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0.30mm Pitch SMT FPC Connector - Series 502761 (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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