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Molex Product News

Molex's EXTreme PowerMass™

High-current, custom configurable, high-power, board-to-board connector system delivers up to 350.0A per inch

Intensifying our approach to provide high-current density and a customer-configurable design, EXTreme PowerMass™ offers a nearly unlimited range of power and signal module-design options, providing customer-specific interconnect solutions for AC and DC power requirements. EXTreme PowerMass™ is a high- current, board-to-board, modular connector system, providing 350.0A per inch.

EXTreme PowerMass™ is designed to support power supplies and systems requiring very high-current transfer in challenging and thermal-constrained spaces. EXTreme PowerMass™ complements Molex's robust power-connector offering.

EXTreme Power Mass      EXTreme Power Mass

Features and Benefits:

  • Provide maximum flexibility for customer design requirements
  • One of the highest capacity board-to-board power connectors on the market
  • Provides minimum heat generation with maximum current transfer
  • Easy and reliable PCB mounting options
  • Rugged blind-mating capabilities
  • Assure true position and flexible module placement
  • Facilitates post-mate and pre-mate options


  • Networking- Networking equipment, Router/Switch, Servers
  • Telecommunications - Hubs
Part Number View Inventory
75541 EXTreme PowerMass™ Vertical Receptacle

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EXTreme PowerMass™ High-Current Assembly Board-to-Board Datasheet (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information

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