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Molex Product News

EdgeLine™ High-Speed Connectors

EdgeLine™ 12.5 Gbps Edge Card Connector delivers a low-cost, flexible and scalable solutions for a wide variety of low-to mid-range telecom, computing and storage applications 

The new one-piece EdgeLine 12.5 Gbps Edge Card Connector is designed to meet the demands of highspeed
signal transmissions and density requirements. The connector system accommodates two board thicknesses to support multiple PCB layers on complex product designs. The press-fit connector offers high-speed differential performance up to 12.5 Gbps. In addition, the EdgeLine connector has the capability to optimally manage slower speed single-ended and power circuits. The stitched-terminal design offers both excellent electrical performance and product flexibility. Various circuit sizes are available, with or without a center key. The EdgeLine 12.5 Gbps Edge Card Connector is available in two PCB thicknesses, 1.57 and 2.36mm (.093 and .062”), with future capability to mate to a 2.00mm (.079”) thick PCB. Configured to meet Telecordia requirements, the EdgeLine 12.5 Gbps Edge Card Connector can fill many interconnect requirements.

The Edgeline product portfolio provides a large product breadth with differentiating features and benefits:

  • The EdgeLine CoEdge is a low-profile, one-piece, 25 Gbps edge-card-to-edge-card solution, ideal for accommodating varying board thicknesses from the motherboard to a daughtercard and compact for unobstructed airflow cooling
  • The EdgeLine vertical connector is a one-piece, press-fit, low-cost connector with integrated ground blades to supports 12.5 Gbps high-speed signal transmissions, circuit size ranges from 20 to 294 contacts and the ability to accommodate .062" or .093" board thicknesses
  • The EdgeLine CoPlanar connectors have individually grounded, insert-molded wafers for optimized 25 Gbps high speed signals and the capability to optimally manage slower-speed single-ended and power circuits with a press-fit, coplanar mount to the motherboard.
  • The EdgeLine Signal Power (ESP) connectors deliver a vertical, single-piece solution for high-speed and high-power applications, offering an integrated power bay capable of managing 30.0A of power in conjunction with neighboring signal bays supporting 12.5 Gbps signal pairs

Molex Edgeline™ 12.5 Gbps Connectors


  • High-speed differential design provides excellent signal integrity, performance up to 12.5 Gbps, depending upon the application
  • Accommodates 1.57 or 2.36mm (062 or .093”) thick PCBs to allow thicker boards to support more PCB layers on complex product designs
  • Cost-effective stitched terminal provides product flexibility to accommodate various signals and power
  • Press-fit, flat-rock tool ensures easy board termination with robust electrical termination
  • Common or singulated ground optimizes connector for power and slow-speed, single-ended signals in addition to high-speed differential circuits
  • Center key available on certain circuit sizes improve PCB alignment during mating by relaxing board tolerances up to 0.80mm (.031”) pitch
  • “Chevron” differential pattern allows “route through” for multilayer backplane applications


  • Computing systems
  • Storage systems
  • Telecommunications Hardware
  • Network equipment
Part Number View Inventory
76691 PCB Mating THickness 1.57mm
76693 PCB Mating Thickness 2.36mm

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EdgeLine™ 12.5 Gbps Edge Card Connector (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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