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Molex Product News

Flexi-Mate™ Connector System

Flexi-Mate™ Connector SystemDesigned to meet the backlighting needs of LED TVs and room lighting applications, Molex’s new Flexi-Mate™ family of connectors is the first of its kind on the market to provide a full range of both board-to-board and wire-to-board solutions.

Molex’s Flexi-Mate™ connectors are designed for LED TVs and standard room-lighting applications requiring the placement of LEDs on interconnecting panels across the full width of the display or lighting fixture.

Molex’s Flexi-Mate design meets the need for flexibility and space savings and includes coplanar board-to-board connectors used to snap together small panels containing LED lights. The system includes a wire-to-board option to connect the LED boards to the main power board; a terminating connector is available and is used as a shorting device to complete an open-loop signal.

Key features of the 3.00mm (.118”) mated height Flexi-Mate family include a dual-contact terminal design for secure electrical contact, space-saving positive side locks for wire-to-board connections, and mating guide features that help facilitate mating and protect terminals during mating and unmating.

Currently, the system is available in a two-circuit design. Additional components such as a wire-to-board adapter that allows a signal line to be carried from one LED panel module grouping to another are in the planning stages to add even further flexibility to the system.

Part Number View Inventory
503469-0200 Flexi-Mate™ 3.70mm (.146") Pitch Board-to-Board Plug, SMT, Right Angle, 3.00mm (.118") Stacking Height, 2 Circuits
503471-0200 Flexi-Mate™ 3.70mm (.146") Pitch Board-to-Board/Wire-to-Board Receptacle, SMT, Right Angle, 3.00mm (.118") Stacking Height, 2 Circuits
503473-0200 Flexi-Mate™ 3.70mm (.146") Pitch Wire-to-Board Plug Housing, Right Angle, 3.00mm (.118") Stacking Height, 2 Circuits
503474-0200 Flexi-Mate™ 3.70mm (.146") Pitch Receptacle Circuit Terminator Connector, Right Angle, 3.00mm (.118") Stacking Height, 2 Circuits
503485-0000 Flexi-Mate™ 3.70mm (.146") Pitch Wire-to-Board Crimp Terminal, Reel

Features & Benefits:

  • Board-to-board, wire-to-board and terminator options - Meets needs of LED TVs and lighting equipment that use interconnecting LED panels
  • Positive side latches on crimp housing - Space savings and easy mating/unmating
  • Dual-contact wire-to-board and board-to-board terminal design - Ensures reliable electrical connection
  • Mating guide features on PCB versions - Help facilitate mating and provide smooth insertion
  • Shrouded contacts - Protect contact area

Target Markets & Applications:

  • Consumer - Edge-lit LED BLU TVs, LCD panels, LED 3D TVs, LED TVs, Track lighting

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