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Molex Product News

Micro Serial Attached SCSI Connectors (Micro SAS)

Molex's compact Micro SAS interconnects provide server- and storage-drive makers the speed and reliability for mission-critical enterprise-storage SAS.

The introduction of 1.8-inch Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) has led to the development of a small form-factor interconnect with the performance headroom to meet requirements of mission-critical enterprise-storage interconnect needs. Molex's Micro Serial Attached SCSI (Micro SAS) connectors are the storage industries' smallest, next-generation high-speed serial I/O solution for 1.8-inch drives, enabling faster data rates up to 6 Gbps while being 100% backward. Molex's Micro SAS features allow the coexistence of both storage technologies in the same system, opening the door for Micro SATA scalability. The SAS architecture has a proven SCSI command set, advanced command queuing, and advanced verification/error correction, Micro SAS is the ideal solution for high-speed, high-bandwidth SAS applications.

Molex's Micro SAS connectors meet the SFF-8486 Specification. The Micro SAS connectors are available in a range of right-angle straddle-mount plugs, vertical SMT, right-angle and dual-stack through-hole right-angle receptacles. The dual-stack through-hole gives users double storage capacity for the same footprint of the single right-angle equivalent.

Molex Micro Serial Attached SCSI Connectors

Molex offers a range of Right Angle Straddle-mount Plugs to meet low profile height requirements. Molex also offers both Right Angle and Vertical SMT version Receptacles to complement its range of Device Plugs. Molex’s most recent development is the Dual-stack Through hole Right Angle Receptacle. This product give users double the storage capacity for the same footprint of the single Right Angle equivalent.

Part Number View Inventory
78395 Micro SAS Receptacle, Right Angle, SMT
78495 Micro SAS Receptacle, Right Angle, Dual-stacked
78528 Micro SAS Plug, Right Angle, Straddle Mount, with Drive Holder

Features & Benefits:

  • Small form-factor connectors - Small connector footprint and greater PCB real estate savings
  • Satisfy SAS 2.0 Specifications - Enable fast data rates of up to 6 Gbps
  • Complete backwards compatibility with Molex Micro Serial ATA - Intermateable with Micro Serial ATA parts as Molex Micro SATA connects have a mid-rib in the Micro SATA housing
  • Application of Micro SAS Plug in 1.8" form-factor drives (SSD or HDD) - Host receptacle on backplane can accommodate Molex Micro SAS or Micro SATA drives
  • Crush-ribs on plugs and dual-shaped pegs on receptacles - Provide added PCB retention to straddle- mounted plugs and seating of vertical receptacle on PCB, respectively
  • Keying features and guide rails on connectors - Prevent mis-mating of parts and ensures smooth entry of Plugs to Receptacles

Target Markets & Applications:

  • Consumer - Servers
  • Data/Communications - Servers, Solid State Drives, Storage
  • Networking - Host Bus Adapters (HBA), RAID, Servers, Storage, Storage rack, Storage systems
  • Telecommunications - Servers, Storage - ATM

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