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Molex Product News


New microSD Card Connectors from Molex Help Control Card Ejection in Compact Mobile Devices

LISLE, Ill. – August 14, 2008 – Molex Incorporated introduces a new series of microSD card connectors that offer additional features to help control card ejection in mobile and compact devices. Designed for microSD, the world’s smallest memory card storage system, Molex’s microSD card connectors are available in two profile heights to address card fly-out and card sticking problems that can occur with spring-style card ejection systems.

1.53mm (.060”) low-profile height Normal Mount microSD Connector:

  • Provides approximately 15 percent vertical space savings compared to 1.80mm (.071”) industry standard height types.
  • Includes two brake tabs that assist in slowing down card ejection without putting any friction on the card. Brake tabs work with other internal housing features to help control card ejection speed.

1.80mm (.071”) height Normal and Reverse Mount microSD Connectors:

  • Controls card ejection speed in normal mount versions through internal housing features. The reverse mount style combines various brake tab, spring setting and housing features to achieve smooth card extraction.
  • Include a rib wall to protect the terminal tips from damage during card insertion, as well as smoothly beveled terminals for further protection.
  • Use card polarization feature to prevent improper mating – stopping a card inserted improperly from making contact with the detect switch.

All versions of Molex’s microSD connectors include a detect terminal to assure card detection. This detect terminal makes contact with the switch terminal, which provides a wiping function for good electrical contact.

All are also rated at 0.5A and 10V and include metal shielding for ESD protection. Terminals are gold plated for secure contact and good repeat cycling. They come in embossed tape packaging, with wide space on the shell for vacuum pick-and-place. Open areas are also designed into the shell to allow for visible checking of solder tail joints.

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