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Molex Product News

SlimStack™ 0.40mm (.016”) Pitch SMT
Board-to-Board Connectors

Ideal for tight packaging applications such as mobile phones, the SlimStack™ 0.40mm (.016") connectors offer the industry's widest selection of low profile, ultra-narrow-width connectors in various stack heights for space savings and design flexibility.

Molex's SlimStack™ 0.40mm (.016") connector family includes stack heights as low as 0.70mm (.026") and widths as narrow as 2.60mm (.102"). Many SlimStack 0.40mm versions are intermateable and footprint compatible, which enables various stack heights without having to change the PCB pattern.

Unique features of the SlimStack 0.40mm connectors include nickel-barrier plating to prevent solder-flux intrusion, friction locks for secure mating, a two-point contact design version for additional contact reliability, and a high mating-retention version to withstand shock and vibration applications.

Molex's SlimStack 0.40mm full range of connectors include stack heights from 0.70mm (.028") to 4.00mm (.157") and range in size from 12- to 120-circuits.

Molex SlimStack .40mm

Molex’s latest 0.70mm height SlimStack connectors include high mating-retention features in order to maintain secure contact even when subjected to high vibration or shock. The connectors were developed for mobile phone makers who wanted to provide extra reliability in situations where the phone may be dropped or handled roughly.

This new version includes two contact friction locks and a nail friction lock that combine to offer superior mating retention. Other features of this new series include a dual-contact terminal design that provides secure electrical contact, a wide housing area to accommodate easy pick-and-place and a common footprint pattern with the standard 503304/503308 version to provide flexibility for connector type and board placement.

Part Number View Inventory
503548 0.40mm (.016") Pitch SlimStackô Board-to-Board Receptacle
503552 0.40mm (.016") Pitch SlimStack™ Board-to-Board Plug

Features & Benefits:

  • High mating-retention features - Provide superior mating reliability for high vibration or rugged applications
  • Integral end solder tabs with friction lock feature - Secure PCB retention and additional mating retention
  • Narrow width, low profile and small pitch - Space savings for mobile applications
  • Space between PCB row patterns - Allows for signal tracing under middle portion of housing area
  • Nickel barrier plating - Protects against solder wicking and reduces cost
  • Two-point contact - Superior electrical contact assurance

Target Markets & Applications:

  • Mobile phones
  • Digital still and video cameras
  • Tablet PCs
  • Navigation equipment
  • Portable audio players
  • Any compact application

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