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Molex Product News

CMC Hybrid Connectors Standard and Power Versions

The Molex family of CMC Hybrid Connectors provides a sealed, high-density, modular and cost-effective connection system for heavy-duty, powertrain and body-electronics applications in the transportation industry.

The CMC connector family from Molex is a sealed, high-density connection system developed for the transportation industry. It is designed to perform in high-conductivity applications and in harsh environments.

Standard CMC hybrid connectors hold two different terminal sizes; CP 0.635mm (.025") and CP 1.50mm (.059"). Power CMC hybrid connectors hold three different terminal sizes; CP 0.635mm (.025"), CP 1.50mm (.059") and CP 2.80mm (.110").

CMC connection systems are used in various powertrain applications such as engine-control units (ECU’s), compartment applications, gear boxes, electronic park brakes and suspension controllers, together with body-electronics applications in automotive and commercial vehicles.

CMC Connectors

Part Number View Inventory
500762-0481 2.50mm (.098"), 3.50mm (.138"), 3.70mm (.146") CMC Header, Right Angle, 48 Circuits
502225-0801 2.50mm (.098"), 3.50mm (.138"), 3.70mm (.146") CMC Header, Right Angle, 80 Circuits
64319-1201 CMC Wire Cap for 32 Circuits, CMC Receptacle Mat Sealed
64319-1218 CMC Receptacle, 32 Circuits, Left Wire Output, Gray Coding
64319-3211 CMC Receptacle, 32 Circuits, Right Wire Output, Black Coding
64320-1301 CMC Wire Cap for 48 Circuits and 28 Circuits, CMC Receptacle Mat Sealed
64320-1319 CMC Receptacle, 48 Circuits, Left Wire Output, Brown Coding
64320-3311 CMC Receptacle, 48 Circuits, Right Wire Output, Black Coding
64320-3319" CMC Receptacle, 48 Circuits, Right Wire Output, Brown Coding
64333-0100 CMC Header 112-circuit, 3-pocket, Solder Tail
64334-0100 CMC Header 32-circuit, 1-pocket, Solder Tail, back coding

Features & Benefits:

  • High-performing sealed-connection system using matte-seal technology for CP 0.635mm (.025”) and 1.50mm (.059”) terminals and using singe-wire seal technology for CP 2.80mm (.110”) terminal
  • High-density system due to compact-connector design and fine-pitch size of 2.54mm (.100”)
  • Hybrid-connection system using 3 different terminal sizes; CP 0.635mm, CP 1.50mm and CP 2.80mm terminals
  • Modular-connector system with a wide variety of circuit sizes ( 22, 24, 28, 32, 36, 48 and 53)
  • System offers several color codings and mechanical polarization

Target Markets & Applications:

  • Automotive - Automotive Vehicles, Body Electronics, Engine control unit, Gear box, Power Train, Suspension controller
  • Transportation - Electric doors, Junction/fuse box, Lighting control system, Motorcycles

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CMC Hybrid Connectors (.pdf) - for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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