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Molex Incorporated Leads Connector and Cable Design for DisplayPort 1.1 Standard

LISLE, Ill. – As the next-generation of digital display interface technology becomes more prevalent in PC and entertainment hardware, a unifying solution for OEMs and their customers is necessary. DisplayPort™ 1.1, defined by the Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA), is the latest digital display interface specification that consolidates traditional internal and external connection methods for superior digital quality in chipset, graphics, LCD and display technologies in PCs. Available now, Molex Incorporated, in accordance to the requirements outlined by VESA, has developed the external DisplayPort Interconnect System.

“As a VESA-member and driver of the new technology, Molex was invited to conceptualize an external interconnect for the DisplayPort standard,” said Bill Lempesis, Executive Director, VESA. “A remarkable team of Molex engineers helped design the innovative and cost-effective connector. In particular, DisplayPort has been well-received among leading PC and entertainment hardware OEMs, who are incorporating the connector into their new products.”

By integrating its patented Triad® technology, which enables high-speed differential signaling in compact spaces, Molex designed an external DisplayPort connector that enables high-speed video and audio data transfer in the PC and display market. An open call among other connector manufacturers proved that our design was a top choice by VESA for the next-generation standard.

Molex’s external DisplayPort connector:

  • Addresses the need for high data rate display applications, including: high performance computing, gaming, digital high definition video and the Internet;
  • Allows for far greater speed and data rates in a smaller connector footprint;
  • Operates at bandwidths of more than 10 Gbps;
  • Is backward-compatible with current interface systems, such as VGA and DVI (Digital Visual Interface); and
  • Provides greater color depth and truer graphic images in a slim design.

The USB-sized connector’s thin cable can reach projectors up to 15 meters away. Unlike other digital solutions, which require entire electronic design makeovers, DisplayPort’s interoperability allows it to co-exist with current interface technologies. Moreover, DisplayPort allows a direct connection between the PC and the LCD panel, eliminating the need for additional electronics in the monitor and enabling thin and sleek direct-drive digital monitor designs. Its micro-packet architecture improves display connectivity and usage options that enhance the overall viewing experience.

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