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Molex Product News

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Molex Expands MX150L Product Line to Handle Higher Currents

New additions to carry up to 40 Amps

Molex Incorporated has expanded the MX150L offering to support large wire AWG applications with 8, 10 and 12 AWG wire-to-wire connectors. These newly available connectors are well-suited for high power, rugged applications including agriculture, construction and marine equipment, as well as recreational vehicles.

The integral two-way, silicone-based mat-seal on the mating connectors is specifically designed and tested to IEC IP 67. This feature enables the MX150L product family to exceed waterproof demands as a true sealed connector system tested under submersed conditions in various fluids. The newly added AWG connectors also have high connector forces, increased terminal retention forces and superior electrical and mechanical performance capabilities.

These easy-to-use connectors are shipped in one piece that includes mat and interfacial seals, as well as housing and terminal position assurance. Their design does not require component assembly, which cuts time and labor costs, and eliminates the need to purchase or handle wire seals. When it comes to plugging in the connectors, the MX150L product family features a simple crimp, poke and plug application, which only requires inserting a crimped terminal lead and seating the TPA into its final locked position.

"From marine, agricultural, and construction equipment to industrial motors and drives, these industries are always looking for high performance solutions that can withstand the harsh environments associated with these rugged applications," said Bill Mahony, product manager, Molex Incorporated. "The MX150L product family not only withstands these harsh operating environments, but also offers customers a high amperage solution with superior performance. By adding 8, 10 and 12 AWG wire-to-wire connectors to our MX150L product family, Molex is meeting customers' needs and offering them a cost effective solution that is reliable and easy to use."

With two independent terminals, the new additions to the MX150L product family have a 7.62 mm (.300") pitch housing design with two styles of terminals for wire styles ranging from 8 to 12 AWG, and insulation thickness ranging from 0.155 to 0.237" outside diameter. By clicking both audibly and tactically on insertion, extraction and mating, the MX150L connectors offer reliable mating and terminal loading and removal. Installation requires a common screwdriver, needle nose pliers and a terminal extraction tool. The MX150L product family conforms to IL 1977 standards so they can also be used in data, signal, control and power applications.

Part Number View Inventory
19417 14-22 AWG Male Terminal
19418 14-22 AWG Receptacle
19419 14-22 AWG Single Row Plug
19420 14-22 AWG Female Terminal
19427 14-22 AWG PCB Header Right Angle Without Flange
19428 14-22 AWG PCB Header Vertical
19429 14-22 AWG Panel Mount Plug
19431 8, 10, 12 AWG Male Terminal
19432 8, 10, 12 AWG Receptacle
19433 8, 10, 12 AWG Plug
19434 8, 10, 12 AWG Female Terminal
19435 14-22 AWG Sealed Panel Mount Plug
19436 8, 10, 12 AWG Sealed Mount Panel Plug

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