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Molex Product News


Molex Incorporated Showcases EXTreme Power Series for High-Current Applications

“Molex EXTreme Power products are a direct response to our customers’ electrical and mechanical design challenges . Since no two applications are the same, the EXTreme Power family includes several products that cover a wide range of current levels, mechanical envelopes, mating terminations, and configuration choices; giving system designers the ability to maximize their power interconnect needs.”

Available now with a standard six to eight week lead time, the Molex EXTreme Power family includes the:

  • EXTreme PowerMass™ Connector – an innovative, high-current power interconnect that delivers up to 350.0A per inch. As one of the highest capacity board-to-board connectors on the market, its multiple capacity power modules and wide signal count capability allows more power to be placed where needed, without wasting board space. Ideal for systems operating in challenging thermal-constrained spaces, the EXTreme PowerMass connector can be found in telecommunications, high and mid-range computers, power supplies and cellular communications applications. Since the EXTreme PowerMass connector can be assembled on a metal stiffener backbone, modules can be placed in any position with almost any centerline spacing. This gives customers complete freedom to pack a design as tightly as possible, or open the spacing between any or all of the modules to enhance system airflow. Additionally, if an application calls for only one or two modules, the EXTreme PowerMass product can be mounted individually without the use of the stiffener.
  • EXTreme LPHPower™ Connector - a mixed, high-current power and signal connector system that picks up where traditional connectors leave off. Designed with power blades parallel to the PC board, its extremely low-profile height of only 7.50mm (.295”) allows greater system airflow while taking up 53 percent less space than traditional connectors with the same current rating. Molex’s EXTreme LPHPower system provides up to 127.0A per linear inch of space.
  • EXTreme PowerEdge™ Connector - incorporating Molex’s proven design elements of high performance terminal contacts with redundant interface points for optimum mating of double-sided card edge gold fingers. For high-current requirements, the EXTreme PowerEdge connector offers 40.0A rating per contact and 160.0A per inch of PCB real estate. It is a low-profile power card edge interface for applications in telecommunications, high and mid-range computing, uninterruptible power supplies, cellular communication and DC-DC conversion.
  • EXTreme ZPower™ Connector – which uses a unique interface for mezzanine-style power connections. Anchored to the baseboard with press-fit power pins, the top board is screwed securely down from the top. The EXTreme ZPower connector not only transfers power between boards, but can double as an effective stand-off. Offering 50.0A and 30.0A versions, the EXTreme ZPower connector can be used in a variety of applications and industries where power connection between parallel boards is necessary in a very small space.
  • EXTreme MicroPower™ High-Current Header – used in VRM / DC-DC converters or any board-to-board application where power transfer is needed through a non-separable interface in a compact design. The EXTreme MicroPower header offers a higher current density, rated at 16.0A per blade at 30?C T-rise, while its low profile design of 4.17mm (.164”) off the PCB enhances system airflow. This connector is available in right angle and vertical mounting configurations.
  • EXTreme PowerPlus™ (SSI) Connector - an expandable power and signal connector that conforms to the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) open specification, as well as many power and signal combinations beyond those covered in the SSI standard. The EXTreme PowerPlus connector system is rated at 30.0A per power blade and can be made in specified power and signal combinations to suit the application.
  • EXTreme PowerBBC™ Connector - a compact, high-current connector for direct mating of power bus bars typically found in power supply or power distribution applications. Rated up to 320.0A, the EXTreme PowerBBC connector offers over 20 percent more current than competing products. Its high-performance contact design is rated for current interruption to match true hot-plugging requirements.

“The need for high-current, power interconnect solutions in increasingly smaller spaces is quickly rising. Solving this power equation on new architectures and system platforms has been a major focus for our product development teams.”

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