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Molex Product News


Molex Incorporated I-Trac Orthogonal and QSFP Interface

Molex I-Trac Orthogonal

The I-Trac™ backplane connector system from Molex Incorporated is a broadside-coupled, skew-equalized, 12.5 Gbps solution. It is designed for both traditional backplanes and orthogonal architectures, which eliminate the need for signal traces routed through the midplane. The I-Trac system utilizes common header and daughtercard components allowing design engineers ultimate flexibility while lowering the applied cost and improving the channel’s signal integrity performance.

Additionally, I-Trac orthogonal provides superior impedance control, lower cross-talk and a higher overall bandwidth that supersedes those of comparable backplane products. I-Trac 7-, 11- and 15-row designs are currently used in market leading 10 Gbps Ethernet switches, high performance servers, data networking applications, storage platforms, telecommunications equipment and IEEE 802.3ap 10GBASE KR systems.

Molex QSFP Interface

The Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) product offering from Molex Incorporated is the next-generation 4x hot-pluggable interface for high performance switches, routers, servers and host bus adapters for computing and telecommunication applications. QSFP integrates four 10G high speed channels into a single pluggable interconnect system, resulting in greater than three times the port density of SFP with lower power and lower cost per channel.

Molex QSFP MSA-compatible products are designed to minimize a customer’s design efforts regarding host connector signal integrity, module cage EMI protection as well as thermal and lightpipe solutions. Passive and active copper cable assemblies address lengths through 20m. Round optical cables improve cable management in applications.

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