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Molex Product News

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Molex Incorporated Offers High-Density, High-Speed
Mezzanine Connector Solutions

LISLE, Ill. – January 24, 2008 – Molex Incorporated announced availability of new HD Mezz™ and SEARAY* board-to-board connectors for applications with high pin-count devices on mezzanine cards or module printed circuit boards (PCB). To meet demands of the growing high-density and high-performance mezzanine connector market, HD Mezz and SEARAY connectors provide multiple benefits on personality or expansion cards for use in networking and telecommunication equipment, mid and high-range computers, medical equipment, military products and industrial controllers.

HD Mezz and SEARAY connectors simplify PCB routing without sacrificing performance, as well as provide advanced electrical and mechanical features at cost-competitive pricing. By employing Molex-patented solder-charge technology for standard SMT attach, both connectors provide better process yields and a lower-applied cost versus equivalent Ball Grid Array (BGA) connector products. Additionally, customers will no longer need to incorporate large, complex, multilayer boards into their systems, saving card-slot space and reducing costs.

“HD Mezz and SEARAY board-to-board connectors are high-speed solutions that offer excellent signal clarity with ample bandwidth for customer requirements in high-speed designs,” said Adam Stanczak, product manager, Molex Incorporated. “These robust, high-speed solutions allow Molex customers to pack a powerful performance punch in a tight area, preserving precious PCB real estate.”

HD Mezz connectors provide a flexible tooling approach that allows for multiple stack heights, ranging from 16.00mm to 38.00mm, and circuit sizes of 91 to 403 circuits. SEARAY accommodates low-profile applications with stack heights of 7.00mm to 15.00mm, covering the range just below HD Mezz products. It also offers solutions using high-speed copper flex assemblies. Option cards may be added or upgraded to increase flexibility in system performance.

Additional features of the individual systems include:

HD Mezz
  • Data rates up to 12.5 Gbps;
  • Guide features for gatherability in blind mating;
  • The highest contact density on the market, with 14 differential pairs per cm2; and
  • A reliable mating interface with 2.00mm (.079”) wipe and two points of contact for clean signal transmission and enhanced durability.

  • Speeds up to 10 Gbps;
  • A footprint common to applications within the industry: 1.27 by 1.27mm (.050 by .050”);
  • A durable contact design that prevents stubbing and damage in mating interface; and
  • High speed assembly solutions using Molex copper-flex products.

HD Mezz and SEARAY connector solutions are available with a 6 week leadtime and competitive pricing.

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*SEARAY is a trademark of Samtec, Inc.

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