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Molex Product News

MX123™ Sealed Connection System

Molex's MX123™ Sealed Connection System has been designed for transportation power-train applications requiring reliable connections in high-vibration under-the-hood environments. The MX123™ offers a rugged, fully-sealed interface with the smallest packaging size in the industry. Automotive powertrain OEM's have needed a connection system, specifically designed for engine and transmission control module applications. Due to these modules being located in harsh, high-vibration environments under the hood or chassis of automobiles, connector retention and durability are very important requirements.

Molex MX123

Features & Benefits

  • GMW3191 specifications designed specifically for high-vibration under-thehood applications.
  • Meets IP67, IP68 and IP69k sealing specs, Temp Class III operating temperature specs and Vibe Class I vibration specs
  • Matte-seal technology allows closer center-to-center terminal spacing, which reduces packaging size to the smallest in the industry
  • Center-wall feature prevents scooping. Extends past the length of the terminals to enable connection in blind-mate conditions
  • Integrated TPA and CPA components assist mating reliability. Protects against un-mating in high-vibration environments. Reduces assembly complexity
  • Header terminal filtering eliminates cross talk between adjacent circuits in up-integrated systems
  • Six unique mechanical polarization options & unique color coding offers the ability to use multiple connectors on one module while eliminating the risk of cross-mating incorrect connectors
  • PCB tail customization: solder-tail or compliant-pin technology enhances PCB design flexibility
  • Two wire-dress options creates flexibility in wire-routing design with both 0° and 180° orientations
  • Precious-metal plating stabilizes contact resistance under severe temperature and vibration conditions


  • Powertrain Modules
  • Engine and Transmission Control
  • Safety and Chassis
  • Body and Interior

Standards & Specifications

  • Reference Information:
    • Designed In: mm
    • Packaging:
      • Vertical Headers: Tray
      • Lever Receptacles: Cell-Pack Partition
      • Wire Dress Covers: Bulk
      • Terminals: Reel
  • Mechanical:
    • Mating Force: Less than 75N (16.9 lb)
    • Unmating Force: Less than 75N (16.9 lb)
    • Connector Retention (Primary Latch): 110N (24.7 lb) min.
    • Polarization Feature Effectiveness: 220N (49.5 lb) min.
    • Durability - 10 Cycles
    • FCLT (Class 3): 20 milliohms max.
    • Thermal Shock (Class 3, 300cycles)
  • Physical:
    • Housing: 30% Glass Filled SPS / Nylon Blend
    • PLR: 30% Glass Filled SPS / Nylon Blend
    • Contact: Copper (Cu) Alloy
    • Operating Temperature: -40 to +125 °C
  • Electrical:
    • Voltage (max.): 14 VDC
    • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1600VDC
    • Isolation Resistance: 100 Megohms min.
    • Flammability: <100mm/min

Part Number View Inventory
31386 MX123 56CKT SHRD ASSY
31387 MX123 66-80CKT SHRD ASSY
34565 MX123 73/80 Circuit Dress Cover
34566 MX123 HRN CONN ASSY 73-80 CKT KEY
34575 MX123 49/56 Circuit Dress Cover
34576 MX123 HRN CONN ASSY 49-56CKT
34586 MX123 0.64mm Grommet Seal Plug

See Also:

Molex MX123 Sealed Connection System Datasheet (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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