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Molex Product News


Molex's range of Picoflex headers and receptacles provide high power and signal in a space-saving, robust and reliable package for a diverse range of wire-to-board applications
Highly reliable, power and signal Picoflex connectors provide high-density solutions when flat-flexible connectors are not appropriate. Available in circuit sizes from 4 to 26, Picoflex connectors mate with 1.27mm cable - a worldwide industry standard. Tested to the high-vibration and shock requirements of the Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Electronics industries, Picoflex is ideal for use in such diverse applications as solar applications, weighing systems, vehicle infotainment, computer peripherals, telecommunications and portable heart monitors.

Picoflex connectors have a mated height of 6.40mm for vertical-mating configurations, which is approximately 15% less than traditional 1.27mm connector systems. A strong one-piece upper housing provides excellent cable retention and is ideal for small circuit size applications. The high-reliability contact features a four-point interface with the cable and two points of contact between the header and receptacle. Picoflex also offers excellent polarization to both the PCB and between the female connector and header. Plating options available include Tin, Gold or Palladium Nickel with Gold flash. Application tooling is available.

Molex has expanded the Picoflex family to include reverse-footprint SMT headers. Available with and without latches and in optional high-temperature plating, the new headers provide customers with a wider range of application opportunities without the need for costly PCB re-design.

DDR3 is an established DDR DRAM interface technology that offers more bandwidth and higher performance at lower power for demanding memory applications in desktop PCs, servers and notebook computers. It finds expanding use for high-performance embedded systems in telecommunication, networking and storage systems, advanced computing platforms and industrial controls. DDR3 supports data rates of 800 to 1600 Mbps with clock frequencies of 400 to 800 MHz (respectively); effectively doubling the speed of DDR2. With a standard operating voltage of 1.5V, DDR3 cuts power consumption of DDR2 by up to 30%.

Molex offers manufacturing capability for ultra-low-profile DDR3 DIMM sockets with low level contact resistance only 10 milliohms (maximum initial). These sockets support the unregistered DDR3 DIMMs as well as Registered DIMMs (RDIMMs) for reduced power consumption in data systems.

Part Number View Inventory
93405-0504 1.27mm Pitch Picoflex® Header, Reverse Footprint, 4 Circuits, Beige, Tin (Sn) Plated, SMT, Tape and Reel
93405-0506 1.27mm Pitch Picoflex® Header, Reverse Footprint, 6 Circuits, Beige, Tin (Sn) Plated, SMT, Tape and Reel
93405-0508 1.27mm Pitch Picoflex® Header, Reverse Footprint, 8 Circuits, Beige, Tin (Sn) Plated, SMT, Tape and Reel
93405-0512 1.27mm Pitch Picoflex® Header, Reverse Footprint, 12 Circuits, Beige, Tin (Sn) Plated, SMT, Tape and Reel

Features and Benefits:

  • Reverse PCB footprint SMT headers: series 93405 and 93407 compatible with Tyco's Micro-Match series 188275 - Provides second source on existing customer BOMs without the need for PCB re-design. Vendor reduction, price competitiveness and shorter leadtime opportunities
  • SMT headers with positive retention latches available; series 90816/93407 - Increases mated connector
    retention force by 50% over standard friction-lock series 90814/93405
  • SMT solder tails available - Header is soldered directly onto PCB pads
  • High-profile polarising peg - Avoids mis-mating of the header and receptacle. Acts as a lead-in to aid assembly
  • Available with Tin (Sn) or Palladium Nickel (PdNi) + Gold (Au) flash plated contacts - Cost-effective plating solutions for varied applications
  • High-temperature housing materials - Compatible with RoHS lead-free reflow soldering processes up to +260°C
  • Optional PCB pegs to polarise header to PCB - Ensures accurate assembly
  • Available in tubes or tape and reel - Packaging options to meet customer volume requirements


  • Industrial: Solar, Weighing systems, Heating systems, Security devices, Access controls, Industrial lighting, Advertising displays, Power supplies
  • Automotive: Car Stereo systems, Navigation systems, In car entertainment, Dashboard applications, Air-conditioning units
  • Medical: Portable heart monitor, Patient monitor, Blood analysers/testers, Testers
  • Multimedia: CD players, LCD projector, Satellite receivers, Televisions and set top boxes
  • Consumer: Office equipment, Vending machines, Smart card reader, Home applicance

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