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Molex Product News

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Self-Aligning Molex SPOX BMI Connectors Save Time, Offer Design Flexibility

The new, SPOX™ Blind-mate Interface (BMI) connectors from Molex® Inc. offer a self-aligning feature in one of the smallest blind-mate packages available, saving installation time and expanding design options in wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications. Their low-profile design allows for a mated stack distance of only 11.00mm (0.430"), making them ideal for environments requiring highly reliable tin interfaces, such as fan try assemblies, low-current blind-mating applications, hubs, servers and routers.

A dual-row, panel-mount design on 2.50mm (.098") centerline spacing provides rugged support for blind-mating applications and permits up to 3.00mm (.120") misalignment between connectors, horizontally and vertically, prior to engagement. Additionally, the headers are molded in LCP high-temperature plastic to meet lead-free processing requirements.

"As customers seek more compact systems for space-constrained telecommunications applications, the SPOX BMI connectors offer an effective interface with robust alignment features that virtually eliminate contact damage," said John Luthy, product manager, Molex Inc. "For example, when used in a fan tray assembly, these connectors allow fan interconnects to self align, so technicians don't have to disconnect and reconnect the fan when replacing a unit."

Enhanced design flexibility is achieved through multiple pin counts, as well as first-mate/last-break circuits that provide sequential engagement of contacts. Luthy added that mechanical engineers and systems designers will find the connectors ideal for a variety of slide-in or drawer applications.

Molex SPOX BMI connectors are available in wire gauges as large as 22AWG for up to 3.0A current at 250V.

Pricing varies by circuit size and configuration. Lead-time is three to six weeks, depending on size and configuration.

SPOX is a trademark of Molex Inc.

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