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Orion Fans

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Harsh Environment Fans

IP55 Rated Fans Salt-Fog IP55 Rated All Metal AC Fans Louvered Fan Guards


All Metal AC Fans

Orion's all-metal AC fans satisfy size, power and compatibility issues in rugged and harsh environments. Available in 115V AC and 230V AC versions, the all-metal fans are resistant to high temperatures and corrosive compounds, which enables longer L10 life spans of up to 65,000 hours. The all-metal fans are ideal for chemical process control, military, HVAC, remote antenna installations, wind power, and other applications.

Part Number View Inventory
OA109-metal 115V, 230V
OA119-metal 115V, 230V
OA162-metal 115V, 230V
OA172-metal 115V, 230V
OA172SAP-metal 115V, 230V
OA180AN-metal Super High 115V, 230V
OA180ANL-metal 115V, 230V
OA200AN-metal 115V, 230V
OA205AN-metal 115V, 230V
OA225-metal 115V, 230V
OA2543AN-metal 115V, 230V
OA2547AN-metal 115V, 230V
OA280-metal 115V, 230V
OA80-metal 115V, 230V
OA938-metal 115V, 230V, 115/230 DUALV

DC Models: Available on most models. Please contact us.

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