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Product News


Qualtek Electronics offers a vast array of fan accessories, AC receptacles, international and domestic power cords and cordsets, and EMI power line filters. The fan accessories line includes a wide selection of wire form fan guards, plastic fan guards, plastic fan filter assemblies, aluminum fan filters and fan power cords. The primary power components product line consists of inlets, outlets, multi-function assemblies and power line filters. Power cords, both domestic and international are available in a wide range of plugs, connectors, cordage and colors. 

FAN-S Division

AC & DC Fans and Accessories

Low cost, high tech AC & DC axial fans with sizes ranging from 25mm - 280 mm, DC voltages from 3.3VDC - 60VDC and AC voltages from 115VAC - 230VAC and many special features such as IP55 and IP67 rated, speed sensors, alarm functions and much more upon request. Each fan is offered with a variety of bearing types : 2-ball, 1-ball 1-sleeve, sleeve only, and our newly developed hydro dynamic bearing with better performance than sleeve and lower cost than 2 ball bearings. Every fan is available with a wide range of speeds from ultra low to super high speed.

Our fan accessories are famous worldwide and consist of wire form and plastic guards, plastic air filters, aluminum and stainless steel air filters, fan cords, and our patented noise reduction vibration sleeves.

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