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TE Connectivity

Power Triple Lock Connector System

TE Connectivity (TE), one of the world's market leaders in connectivity solutions, has developed the Power Triple Lock (PTL) Connector System for improved power and signal applications.

Delivering high performance from a highly functional design, the PTL Connector System offers an array of enhanced features, including: optional connector position assurance (CPA), optional terminal position assurance (TPA), housings capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 150°C (302°F) and an upgraded lanceless contact design. Related benefits include stronger, more reliable connections, increased durability and faster assembly times.

The Power Triple Lock Connector System is also available in three levels of housing materials with keying/color code to prevent mismating on the assembly line.

The PTL connector system is ideal for household appliances and products related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning, industrial machinery and lighting.

Part Number View Inventory
1-1971771 Cap-Free Hanging-1
1-1971773 Plug-Plug housing-1
1-1971774 Cap-Free Hanging-2
1-1971775 Cap-Panel Mount-2
1-1971776 Plug-Plug Housing-2
1-1971874 Cap-Free Hanging-3
1-1971875 Cap-Panel Mount-3
1-1971876 Plug-Plug Housing-3
1971772 Cap-Panel Mount-1
1971777 TPA-Locking Plate-1
1971778 TPA-Locking Plate-2
1971779-1 Terminal-std Receptacle-12awg-C-Iron-NA
1971780-1 Terminal-std Tab-12awg-C-Iron-NA
1971781-1 Terminal-std Receptacle-14awg-PhosBr-NA
1971782-1 Terminal-std Tab-14awg-Brass-NA
1971783-1 Terminal-std Receptacle-16-20awg-PhosBr-NA
1971784-1 Terminal-std Tab-16-20awg-Brass-NA
1971785-1 Terminal-std Receptacle-22awg-PhosBr-NA
1971786-1 Terminal-std Tab-22awg-Brass-NA

Key features

  • Audible 'lock' latch provides positive feedback when Cap & Plug are mated, while the ribs surrounding the latch prevent wires from becoming snagged underneath the latch.
  • Optional Connector Position Assurance (CPA) ensures that once engaged the Power Triple Lock connector system cannot be mistakenly disengaged
  • Optional Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) ensures that contacts are fully seated within the housing and provides an added measure against contact backout


  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Cookware
  • Water Heaters
  • Vacuums
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Machinery
  • HVAC
  • Rail
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See also:
Power Triple Lock Connector System (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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