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TE Connectivity

Raychem RBK-ILS Processor MKIII

The RBK-ILS processor MKIII by Raychem from TE Connectivity is a semi-automatic unit designed specifically to install splice-sealing products onto ultrasonically welded or crimped splice joints used in automotive harnesses.

The tool can operate in several modes:

  • Stand-alone - operator sets time and temperature.
  • Sequenced - preset times and temperatures can be sequenced automatically (and can also be randomly selected from sequence stored.)
  • Automatic communication with upstream ultrasonic welder can allow time and temperature to be automatically set without operator ntervention.

Installing Raychem splice-sealing products after welding allows for reduced installation time and the earliest possible mechanical protection for the welded joint. The operator positions the splice-sealing product centrally over the splice joint and then locates the assembly into the gripper mechanism. Pushing the two start buttons initiates the machine cycle thus bringing the heating chamber into place over the joint area. The heating chamber remains in place for the set period and then returns to the rest position. The wire assembly is automatically ejected, with the splice-sealing product installed and the joint area sealed, insulated and strain relieved.


  • Long-life heating elements
  • Installation times, temperatures and product size information (individual selection)
  • Sequenced installations
  • Operator key lock/password protection levels
  • Automatic heater retraction on mains failure (updated safety feature)
  • Automatic calibration (single cycle)
  • RS232 interface allows time, temperature and product sizes for the next installation to be transferred from a remote machine (e.g. an ultrasonic welding tool)
  • Big mechanical protection-cover (removable) in front of the feeding/working area
  • Pre-installed connection for an optional air-cooling device
  • Second D-SUB-9-connector with a signal output "0" volt (n/c and n/o) where the machine can be connected to a server, local PC or customer intranet
  • Machine hours and installation cycle counters
  • Software upgradeable to support special applications
  • Integrated SW-saftey-features to provide a maximum of safeness during processing
  • Compliant with newest CE and RoHS requirements

See also:
RBK-ILS processor MKIII (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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