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TE Connectivity

Raychem Model 16B Tabletop Belt Heater

TE Connectivity (TE) Application Tooling's Raychem Model 16B Tabletop Belt Heater is its smallest (tabletop) conveyor type processor that provides a controlled process for a wide variety of heat-shrinkable tubing products.

Double-sided timing belts on the top and bottom of the processing chamber draw the assemblies through a thermally controlled infrared heat zone and then through a fan-cooled cooling zone before depositing them into the unloading bin.

The Model 16B processor has two stamped foil heating elements that are manufactured to a strict wattage specification. Consistent temperatures (ambient to 650° C) are controlled by a thermocouple embedded into the upper heating element connected to a closedloop temperature controller. An alarm light illuminates whenever the actual heating element temperature varies from the set point temperature.

The processor is designed to process a broad range of heat-shrinkable products up to 19 mm [0.75"] in diameter and 90 mm [3.5"] in length. Heat output can be controlled to accommodate a wide variety of products and substrates.

Product facts:

  • Closed-loop speed and temperature control
  • Continuous controlled process
  • Adaptable for different applications
  • Benchtop design
  • Heater operation and overtemperature alarm light

Safety features:

  • Circuit breaker for current surges
  • Pinch points protected by the housing
  • Belts that do not pinch with significant force
  • An over-temperature switch that kills power in the event of an overheat condition
  • Automatic cool-down circuit to prevent heat damage to components

See also:
Raychem Model 16B Tabletop Belt Heater (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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