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TE Connectivity





Corcom APH & APS Series High Current 3-Phase Power Filters

TE's new 3-phase Filter

TE Connectivity (TE) expanded the Corcom 3-phase filter offering with new high current models ranging from 250 to 1600 A. These new filters are specifically designed to support alternative energy inverter and motor drive industries. The APH (High Performance) and APS (Standard Performance) Series are ideal in compact, low weight configurations with corrosion resistant bus bar terminations that will help provide a low contact resistance. The APH and APS Series are available without line to ground capacitors to reduce current leakage, making them ideal for a variety of inverter system configurations.

Key Benefits:

  • Reach maximum performance with delta wiring configuration for high current applications up to 1600A
  • Save time and help facilitate ease of installation with light weight and compact design
  • Enable design flexibility with two available performance levels, 520 or 690 VAC
  • Obtain higher power efficiency by limiting leakage current
  • Help provide a low contact resistance with corrosion resistant bus bar terminations

Electrical and Mechanical:

  • 520 or 690 VAC
  • Rated Current: 250 to 1600 A
  • Operating Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
  • Available with Limited Leakage Current
  • Delta Wiring
  • Light Weight
  • Compact Size
  • Plated Copper Bus Bar Termination


  • High Current PV Inverters
  • CNC Machines
  • Wind Turbines
  • High Current Industrial Applications
  • Motion Control
  • Motors
  • Frequency Converters
Part Number View Inventory
4-1609114-4 250APS12L=F8409
4-1609114-5 400APS12L=F8410
4-1609114-6 600APS12L=F8411
4-1609114-7 1000APS12L=F8412
4-1609114-8 1600APS12L=F8413
4-1609114-9 250APS12P=F8414
5-1609114-0 400APS12P=F8415
5-1609114-1 600APS12P=F8416
5-1609114-2 1000APS12P=F8417
5-1609114-3 1600APS12P=F8418
8-1609148-2 250APH12L=F8395
8-1609148-3 400APH12L=F8396
8-1609148-4 600APH12L=F8397
8-1609148-5 1000APH12L=F8398
8-1609148-6 1600APH12L=F8399
8-1609148-7 250APH12P=F8400
8-1609148-8 400APH12P=F8401
8-1609148-9 600APH12P=F8402
9-1609148-0 1000APH12P=F8403
9-1609148-1 1600APH12P=F8404

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