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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity Releases Interconnect System for CFP Optical Transceivers

The CFP-compliant interconnection system from TE Connectivity provides a pluggable solution for 40- and 100-Gb/s Ethernet applications. The CFP-compliant interconnection components include a transceiver module plug connector, a host receptacle connector installed on the host board, and associated guide rails, receptacle cover, external bracket assembly, backer plate assembly, and a riding heat sink.

Created by leaders in optical transceivers, the CFP MSA specification defines a hot-pluggable optical transceiver form factor to enable 40- and 100-Gb/s Ethernet applications. Pluggable CFP-compliant transceivers will support the ultrahigh bandwidth requirements of data communications and telecommunication networks. Target equipment includes routers, switches, and optical transport equipment for applications ranging from long haul to data centers.

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All components of TE Connectivity’ interconnection system were developed working in conjunction with the CFP MSA specification. “TE Connectivity is continuing to demonstrate our commitment to supporting next-generation, ultra-high-speed pluggable interface developments. We have worked closely with CFP MSA specifications to develop a system that provides the challenging levels of electrical and mechanical performance required by this next-generation interface,” states Michael Walmsley, TE Connectivity product manager.

The CFP-compliant interconnect system addresses the advanced thermal management, EMI management, and signal integrity requirements of the MSA. The CFP-compliant connector is a 148-position, two-piece connector system offering state-of-the-art signal integrity performance levels over 20 differential pairs to support four-channel 40-Gb/s and ten-channel 100-Gb/s operation. The module plug connector straddle-mounts to the board within the transceiver module, and the host receptacle connector surface-mounts to the host board.

The receptacle cover and the external bracket assembly both contain integrated EMI containment features to ease the task of EMI compliance for the OEM line card designers. Additionally, the CFP-compliant connector system is designed to enable belly-to-belly (double-sided) implementation for higher line card density. A riding heat sink supports CFP optical transceivers that require additional thermal management.

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