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ITB Card Edge Connector

TE Connectivity (TE), one of the world's market leaders in connectivity solutions, announced the release of the Inverted Thru Board (ITB) Card Edge Connector which facilitates direct board to board mating of driver boards to the underside of LED array boards.

This surface-mounted connector was developed for LED lighting applications and other devices to provide a cable-less, space-saving power connection between a driver board and LED array PCB. When this connector is top mounted on an array PCB, the perpendicular mating direction into the underside of the array PCB makes the ITB Card Edge Connector ideal for space-limited applications.

These applications include LED Edison-style retrofit bulbs as well as MR16 and PAR series bulb replacements commonly used in spotlights, down lights, track lights, indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures. While designed for lighting applications, this product may also be used in non-lighting applications where a compact, right angle board to board interconnect is needed.

The ITB Card Edge Connector eliminates wire routing in assemblies by providing a direct mating solution for faster and easier assembly. By removing wires from the top side of the LED array board, the need to creatively route wires is eliminated and replaced with a low profile design that extends only 1.5mm above the top plane of the PCB. To further optimize system optical performance, the connector is designed with rounded corners to minimize shadowing from the light emitting surface.

Designed to be assembly-friendly, it features a flat top surface to allow vacuum pick up and is offered in tape and reel packaging for high speed SMT processing. The connectors are offered in two versions to accommodate board thicknesses of 1.0mm and 1.2mm.

Part Number View Inventory
1971748-2 Inverted Card Edge Connector


  • The ITB card edge connector is surface mounted at the same time as other devices on the PCB eliminating secondary processes
  • One piece mating solution for faster and easier assembly operation
  • Low profile space saving design. The 1.5 mm height above the PCB minimizes LED light obstruction
  • Offered in two versions to accept either 1.0 mm or 1.2 mm thick mating PCB's
  • The connector surface mount hold downs provide stability during driver board mating and un-mating
  • Designed with rounded corners to minimize shadowing
  • Flat top surface allows for vacuum pick up
  • Tape and reel packaging for high speed SMT processing


  • Edison style LED bulbs
  • MR16 & PAR series LED replacement lamps
  • Indoor and outdoor LED lighting devices
  • Various non-lighting applications that require a cable-less, compact, right angle, inverted board to board interconnect

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ITB Card Edge Connector (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.

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