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TE Connectivity

Motorman Hybrid Connector Overview

Decentral servo motors are widely used in many industries and are typically connected via a deterministic system and power-fed by a separate cable. The Motorman hybrid connector from TE integrates communication, signal and power transmission of locally controlled motors within a single compact rectangular connector. In addition, two fast Ethernet sockets enable motors to be networked, providing the benefit of real-time automation.

The innovative design and compact size of the Motorman hybrid connector allows for significant space savings in comparison with traditional rectangular industrial connectors. It also helps to keep costs to a minimum by reducing the amount of overall cabling needed as well as shortening cable length.

Innovation Achievements

Rectangular Size

The Motorman hybrid connector has a rectangular housing and boasts a very compact size, measuring just 41.5 x 22.3 millimeters. The housing and contact insert are fully downward compatible with TE Connectivity's Q series industrial heavy duty connectors. The insert area offers a snug fit for power supply, signal, communication and Ethernet wires. Standard connectors containing these contacts would typically occupy twice as much space as Motorman. Motorman's dense design was realized using TE Connectivity's highly modern MCON system of receptacle contacts.

Easy Assembly

The connector housing was developed specifically for the space-saving Motorman connector. Its design and assembly strategy follow the requirements of hybrid circular conductors. As cables of this type are fairly inflexible and rigid due to wire bundling, shielding and multiple insulations inside, the Motorman housing aligns with the natural bending geometry of the assembled cable . In contrast to traditional rectangular connectors, the cable does not enter the housing at a right angle but at 100°. This design avoids excessive bending angles at the beginning of the stripped wire section and ensures that the contacts are positioned straight in their cavity. The side access to the housing interior makes the Motorman connector particularly easy to install, even in places which are otherwise difficult to reach.

Cable Seal

The cable jacket seal generates two ring shaped lines of compression around the hybrid cable jacket. As the cable is held straight between the two sealing elements, the level of compression is very equally distributed around the jacket circumference. The optimized design permits it to assemble cables of between 13 and 17 millimeters diameter with one size of seal. As the seal is held in place by a latching protective cap, the assembly can take place without a torque-controlled tool.

Part Number View Inventory
1103427-2 Communication Socket (HC26.Bu.4.C.5,2)
1108847-1 Protection Cover
1245276-2 Side Clip (plastic)
1452653-2 Receptacle Contact MCON 1.2; (0,35mm2)
1452656-2 Receptacle Contact MCON 1.2; (0,75mm2)
1658686-1 HDP-22 Socket Contact for communication insert
1718475-3 Receptacle Contact MCON 2.8; (4mm2)
2120320-1 Receptacle Housing (metal)
2120325-1 Tab Connector (with 2 commuincation units assembled)
2120330-1 Kit: Hood, Cover, Screen Clamp (metal)
2120336-1 Protection Cover Sealing
2120337-1 Cable Seal
2120339-1 Side Clip (metal)
2120340-1 Kit: Hood, Cover, Screen Clamp (plastic)
MCON 1.2 Receptacle Contact
MCON 2.8 Receptacle Contact

Benefits and Features:

  • Compact size of a traditional rectangular connector and hybrid construction (power, communication, signal
  • Several pre-customized models available for different customer environments
  • Easy-to-open enclosure: safe configuration due to spacious side access to its interior
  • All signals are bundled in one interface which means only one cable for the customer
  • Offers space for two 4-pin Ethernet sockets, five power sockets, five signal sockets and one protection earth contact
  • Cat 5e (ISO/IEC11801) communication in heavy environment
  • Usage of TE's MCON interconnection system and its stamped contacts


  • I/O connector on decentral servo motors
  • I/O connector on AC servo motors with PCB
  • Drives (amplifiers)
  • Packaging, assembly, woodworking or food processing machines
  • Distributed inverters

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Motorman Hybrid Connector (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering

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