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TE Connectivity

PolySwitch BD280 Bladed Contact Resettable Overcurrent Protection

TE PolySwitch BD 280Raychem Circuit Protection Products' PolySwitch BD280 mini-terminal bladed device from TE Connectivity works as a direct replacement to standard automotive minifuses and bimetal circuit breakers. It is useful in providing circuit protection in automobiles that use a 12V wire harness. The device contains no moving parts and a resistance switching action that immediately latches after an overcurrent event.

This bladed device helps meet all applicable SAE and ISO standards.

Applications include automotive and heavy truck circuits, wiring harness protection, 12V power outlets, intermittent duty circuits (with high inrush current) and DC motor circuits.

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BD280 PolySwitch BD280

Key Features:

  • 2.8mm terminals
  • Latches on first trip
  • PTC resistance switching action
  • Constant wattage power dissipation when tripped
  • Solid state construction
  • Probe points
  • Bright color coded housing
  • Low thermal derating


  • Easy to implement, reliable solid state resettable overcurrent protection
  • Reduces fault energy delivered to the wiring and loads
  • Long, safe performance life
  • Resilient at minimum and maximum voltage
  • Not subjec to change in calibration due to rough handling or high shock and vibration
  • Facilitates fault finding
  • Less chance of mis-installation
  • Color recognition inspection possible
  • Offers resettable overcurrent protection even in vehicle underhood applications.

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