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VAL-U-LOK Connector Series with TPA Accessory

TE VAL-U-LOK TE Connectivity's (TE) VAL-U-LOK product line expanded with a new design accommodating Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) accessories, helping guarantee a higher quality connection. TPA helps ensure contacts are fully seated in the housing and helps prevent contact disengagement and backout from the cavity when subjected to vibration, shock or pull force. TPA provides secondary protection to help reduce the possibility of safety and performance issues. New crimp, pin and socket contacts for discrete 26-18 AWG wires are designed to snap into these new housings and work in association with the TPA devices. These new additions to the 4.2 mm [.165 in] centerline product family support dual row housings. Rated up to 600 VAC and 9 A per line, the offering supports 2 to 24 position panel mount plugs, free-hanging plugs and receptacles. The new VAL-U-LOK connectors with TPA are intermateable with existing VAL-U-LOK connectors and headers, supporting wire-to-panel, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board applications.

VAL-U-LOK Connector Overview:

VAL-U-LOK connectors offer wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections with contacts on a .165” [4.20mm] centerline pitch and current ratings to 9A per line along with a max. 600VAC rating. Plug and receptacle housings allow wire-to-wire and wire-to-panel configurations and header assemblies offer vertical and right angle wire-to-board connections. VAL-U-LOK connectors are available in dual row 2-24 position and single row 3-5 position models. Vertical headers are available with optional polarization pegs and drain holes and offer a blind mate version. Right angle headers offer optional screw mount flanges. Crimp, snap-in pin and socket contacts terminate 26-16 AWG [0.12-1.2mm2] wire with insulation diameters up to .094” [2.39mm]. New models accommodate optional terminal protection assurance (TPA) devices to help ensure terminals are fully seated in housings and resist terminal back-out.


  • Help ensure contacts are fully seated while providing an added measure against contact back-out with optional TPA
  • Provide header and plug mating confirmation with audible latch
  • Support a broad range of design and application needs with extensive product offering in single row, dual row, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations
  • Facilitate competitive retrofit supported by intermatability with market available products
  • Save PCB space with side-by-side mounting capability
  • Help meet flame-retardant safety requirements (IEC/EN 60335-1) with glow wire (GWT) material option


  • Industrial control cabinet wiring.
  • Motion control wiring for industrial robotics
  • Vending Machines
  • Architectural lightings
  • Interconnections in refrigeration equipment
  • HVAC
  • Business Equipment
  • Switching Power Supplies
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Coin Changers
  • Audio / Video Devices

Target Markets:

  • Automation & Control
  • Commercial Building
  • Lighting
  • Appliance
  • Consumer Devices 
Part Number View Inventory
1-1969597-0 10P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969597-2 12P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969597-4 14P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969597-6 16P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969597-8 18P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969598-0 10P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969598-2 12P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969598-4 14P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969598-6 16P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969598-8 18P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969599-0 10P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969599-2 12P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969599-4 14P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969599-6 16P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969599-8 18P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1-1969603-0 10P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1-1969603-2 12P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1-1969603-4 14P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1-1969603-6 16P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1-1969603-8 18P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1-1969604-0 10P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1-1969604-2 12P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1-1969604-4 14P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1-1969604-6 16P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1-1969604-8 18P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1-1969605-0 10P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1-1969605-2 12P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1-1969605-4 14P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1-1969605-6 16P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1-1969605-8 18P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1-1969608-0 10P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1-1969608-1 11P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1-1969608-2 12P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1-1969609-0 10P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1-1969609-1 11P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1-1969609-2 12P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1-1969612-0 10P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969612-2 12P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969612-4 14P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969612-6 16P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969612-8 18P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969613-0 10P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969613-2 12P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969613-4 14P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969613-6 16P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969613-8 18P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969614-0 10P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969614-2 12P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969614-4 14P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969614-6 16P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
1-1969614-8 18P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
1969597-2 2P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1969597-4 4P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1969597-6 6P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1969597-8 8P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
1969598-2 2P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1969598-4 4P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1969598-6 6P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1969598-8 8P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1969599-2 2P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1969599-4 4P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1969599-6 6P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1969599-8 8P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
1969603-2 2P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1969603-4 4P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1969603-6 6P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1969603-8 8P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
1969604-2 2P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1969604-4 4P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1969604-6 6P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1969604-8 8P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
1969605-2 2P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1969605-4 4P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1969605-6 6P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1969605-8 8P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
1969608-1 1P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969608-2 2P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969608-3 3P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969608-4 4P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969608-5 5P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969608-6 6P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969608-7 7P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969608-8 8P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969608-9 9P VAL-U-LOK TPA 22-18 AWG
1969609-1 1P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969609-2 2P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969609-3 3P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969609-4 4P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969609-5 5P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969609-6 6P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969609-7 7P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969609-8 8P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969609-9 9P VAL-U-LOK TPA 26-22 AWG
1969612-2 2P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1969612-4 4P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1969612-6 6P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1969612-8 8P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1969613-2 2P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1969613-4 4P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1969613-6 6P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1969613-8 8P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
1969614-2 2P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
1969614-4 4P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
1969614-6 6P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
1969614-8 8P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969597-0 20P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
2-1969597-2 22P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
2-1969597-4 24P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V2
2-1969598-0 20P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
2-1969598-2 22P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
2-1969598-4 24P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
2-1969599-0 20P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
2-1969599-2 22P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V2
2-1969599-4 24P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOKV2
2-1969603-0 20P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
2-1969603-2 22P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
2-1969603-4 24P RCPT VAL-U-LOK GW
2-1969604-0 20P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
2-1969604-2 22P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
2-1969604-4 24P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK FH GW
2-1969605-0 20P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
2-1969605-2 22P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
2-1969605-4 24P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK PM GW
2-1969612-0 20P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969612-2 22P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969612-4 24P FH PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969613-0 20P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969613-2 22P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969613-4 24P PM PLUG VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969614-0 20P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969614-2 22P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
2-1969614-4 24P RCPT VAL-U-LOK V0
2238016-1 VAL-U-LOK PIN BR SN 18-24AWG
2238017-1 VAL-U-LOK SKT BR SN 18-24AWG
2238018-1 VAL-U-LOK PIN BR SN 22-26AWG
2238019-1 VAL-U-LOK SKT BR SN 22-26AWG
2238020-1 VAL-U-LOK PIN BR TN 24-18 LP
2238021-1 VAL-U-LOK SKT BR SN 24-18 LP
2238022-1 VAL-U-LOK PIN BR SN 26-22 LP
2238023-1 VAL-U-LOK SKT BR SN 26-22 LP
91387-1 Hand Crimp tool for 26-22 AWG
91388-1 Hand Crimp tool for 22-18 AWG

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