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TE Connectivity

CoolSplice Connectors for Lighting Applications

A series of insulation displacement connectors (IDC) to make connecting of wire-to-wireCoolSplice Connectors simple. Both connectors can be used to make a fast connection between wires or between flat-ribbon cable and wire. The connectors are designed to be used with most common hand tools to make the electrical termination simple and cost efficient.

TE design engineers also put a lot of effort in the easy of use of these connector products. With no training, it is possible to make perfect connections and in 2 simple steps, the termination can be made.

TE CoolSplice connectors are designed to connect a pair of discrete wires, or a twin cord cable in line to a pair of discrete wires or twin cord cables. The insulation displacement, free hanging connectors accepts 18 AWG stranded or solid wire in unsealed and sealed, color coded configurations.

The TE CoolSplice connectors eliminate the need to pre-strip the insulation from the wire conductors and provide a visually controlled termination. The push connect buttons provides a more ergonomic wire termination than conventional twist-on wire connectors/nuts (marrettes). The slim, symmetrical contoured, snag resistant connectors fit through a 16.00mm [0.630] diameter hole or pvc tube.

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CoolSplice Connector

Key Features:

  • Simple push button termination
  • Easy visual inspection
  • Left/right termination independent
  • Slim-symmetrical glossy appearance
  • Optional sealing
  • Standard version KEMA approved
  • UL approved
  • No wire stripping
  • No screws, No sharp edges,
  • No special tooling, No dirt moistening


  • Commercial refrigeration lighting
  • Display and cabinet lighting
  • Lighting in furniture
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Signs and building façade lighting
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Domotics (home automation)
  • Audio speaker connections
  • Wide range of other applications

See also:
CoolSplice Quick Reference Guide (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering information.



HARRISBURG, Pa. - April 11, 2011 - TE Connectivity (TE) launches its new family of CoolSplice connectors for LED lighting applications. This new product family features easy push-button terminations, accommodates various wire configurations, promotes an aesthetically-pleasing lighting design through a smooth, symmetrical glossy style and promotes space savings through a slim design.
This new series of Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs) provides permanent and fast wire-to-wire or wire-to-flat ribbon terminations in various LED lighting applications. Users require no training as the included left/right independent push buttons can be used with common hand tools to establish an ergonomic termination in two simple steps:

  1. Insert wire into the connector
  2. Push down on button to secure wire

A viewing window is included to help determine if a wire is fully seated after termination. Additionally, the left and right side of the connector can be terminated separately and independently from each other, making it suitable on a pig-tail.

Developed with IDC technology, the connectors are extremely durable and offer significant time and cost savings by eliminating the need to pre-strip insulation from wire conductors. Customers will also see space savings due to the slim, symmetrical-contoured, snag-resistant connector style that fits through a 16.00mm [0.630] diameter hole or PVC tube -- occupying as little space as possible. Additionally, the connectors have no sharp edges, screws or special tooling requirements, are extremely easy to clean and do not allow for dirt collection on their surfaces.
The CoolSplice connectors suit various lighting design applications in the commercial, residential and outdoor lighting markets. Target applications include commercial refrigeration, display/cabinet, furniture, outdoor, horticultural, security/alarm, sign/building façade, home automation and audio/speaker lighting and more.

The connector family accepts 18 AWG stranded, fused or solid wire in unsealed and sealed, color-coded configurations. A ring is included to offer a smooth transition from a jacketed cable to the connector. The product family is UL-approved, ENEC-approved, KEMA KEUR-approved, IP65- and IP67-rated for standard versions, and IP66-rated for flat ribbon versions

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