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TE Connectivity

Industrial USB Connectors Overview

The industrial USB connectors from TE Connectivity are ideal for all industrial USB applicatioIndustrial USB Connectorsns where a high locking force or a sealed design for the use in industrial applications is required.

With the introduction of a new IP20 series of industrial USB connectors that feature an integrated locking mechanism with audible and tactile feedback. The connectors create an excellent interconnect solution for internal USB cable routing. The newly designed locking feature helps prevent accidental pull out of the plug, which enables customers to secure a cable internally without having to worry about the plug coming loose during transit and use.

The industrial USB connectors are based on the USB (type A) connector system and meet USB2.0 transmission specifications.
The devices can be used in multiple rows (they are equal in height), have four solder connections and are compatible with standard USB sockets (type A). To ensure proper locking, the mating sockets from TE are available in a single and double row design. The sockets must protrude from the housing in order to provide secure interlocking. The devices are also PCB-mount compatible. To enable design flexibility, the USB connectors are available in several types of socket and connector mountings (reflow soldering, surface mount, surface mount with board locks).

A sealed and highly reliable version (IP65/IP67) of the industrial circular USB connectors is also available. This rugged USB connector is designed for use in harsh environments and features a quick-connect bayonet coupling mechanism.

Part Number View Inventory
1827525 Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connectors A Series Plug
19038 1903814 & 1903815 - Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connectors Receptacle
19546 1954637, 1954640, 1954643, 1954646 - USB 2.0 Industry Standard A/B Series Plug, A to A Series Receptacle, B to A Series Receptacle
2013798 2013798-1 -USB 2.0 Industry Standard A Series Plug without locking feature
2040305 2040305 - USB 2.0 Industry Standard A Series Plug without locking feature
205836 2058362, 2058363, 2058364 & 2058365 - USB 2.0 Industry Standard A/B Series Plug, A to A Series Receptacle, B to A Series Receptacle

Key Features:

  • USB 2.0 standard, USB type A & B connection system
  • Rugged IP20 solution
  • Integrated locking mechanism provides excellent click feeling and strong lock strength
  • Secondary locking with metal spring accomplishes higher locking strength
  • Guaranteed locking function with TE receptacles
  • Intermateable with existing USB Type A receptacles
  • Sealed IP67 solution
  • Bayonet locking provides reliable connections in harsh environments
  • Available pass-through receptacle style
  • Bulkhead receptacle mounts to either outside or inside panel cutout
  • Protective cover available for the receptacles
  • Plastic and metal housing
  • Cable assemblies upon request


  • Factory Automation Industry
  • Industrial Printers and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Industrial PC Solutions, PLCs
  • Industrial Data Network Systems
  • Industrial Control Cabinets & Units
  • Motion &Control, Inverters and Robotics
  • Fieldbus Systems

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