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TE Connectivity

Heilind Stocks Innovative Cold-Applied Splices
from TE Connectivity

WILMINGTON, Mass., May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Heilind Electronics, Inc., the largest interconnect distributor in North America, is now stocking TE Connectivity's innovative cold-applied splice. This award-winning splice provides wire termination and environmental sealing in a single step without the application of heat. Environmental sealing is achieved without the need for adhesives, tapes, grommets or other methods traditionally used in aerospace and defense applications. Also, since heat is not required for installation, a splice can be applied in hazardous environments.

"We're happy to be able to offer customers TE Connectivity's innovative cold-applied splice," said Alan Clapp, Vice President of Heilind. "Our customers will appreciate the quick installation, high performance, and small profile of this splice."

TE's cold-applied splice uses a non-flowing gel to provide sealing and works with all known wire insulations, including TFE. Splices are available in three color-coded sizes for 26AWG to 12 AWG wire with either silver or tin-plated copper conductors. The metal splice is surrounded by a transparent polyvinylidene fluoride sleeve with color coded thermoplastic end caps. The design prevents water entrance under permanent pressure or weight and is reliable in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Heilind's extensive inventory includes not only wire splices, but the full line of TE Connectivity products including connectors, relays, switches, filters, and circuit breakers. For more information, visit http://www.heilind.com/products/te-connectivity/TE_Cold_Applied_Splices.asp.

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