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Heilind Now Offering TE Connectivity's USB 3.0 Connector

WILMINGTON, Mass., Dec. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Heilind Electronics, the largest interconnect distributor in North America, now has a reserve inventory on TE Connectivity's just released USB 3.0 connector.

TE's USB 3.0 connector meets all standards of USB-IF and supports 5 Gbps data rate for fast sync-n-go, a 10X performance increase over USB 2.0. This USB connector minimizes user wait-time and connector form factor variations and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 connectors.

In addition, this USB 3.0 connector offers optimized power efficiency by eliminating device polling and reducing active and idle power requirements. It allows a unit load of 150mA (a 50% increase over the minimum unit load of USB 2.0) up to six unit loads (900 mA, an 80% increase over USB 2.0 connectors at a registered maximum of 500 mA). TE's USB 3.0 connector has up to 80% more power based on the configuration of the device.

Applications for TE's USB 3.0 connector includes desktop and laptop computers, cameras, digital audio, scanners, game ports, high-volume storage devices, MP3 players, GPS devices, high definition A/V equipment, keyboards, mice and joysticks.

Visit Heilind's website for more information about TE's USB 3.0 Connector.

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