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WAGO LUMI-NUTS™ 873 Series Luminaire Disconnect Enhances Luminaire Ballast Safety and Convenience

GERMANTOWN, WI – August 2007 – WAGO Corporation’s new product offering of Luminaire Disconnects Series 873, the LUMI-NUTS™, exceeds safety standards while setting new ones for ease of use. LUMI-NUTS™, the newest member of the popular WALL-NUTS™ push-wire family of terminals, was designed to meet NEC 410.73(G), CEC 30-308(4) and the CSA/UL Standard 2459 for Insulated Multi-Pole Splicing Wire Connectors, ensuring safety for those servicing non-residential linear fluorescent fixtures with ballasts.

Among the features that make the two-pole LUMI-NUTS™ easy to use is the ability to daisy-chain power from one ballast to another, eliminating additional connectors. Additionally, an integral locking latch prevents accidental disconnection of the mating halves while a touch-proof design — whether in the mated or unmated position — eliminates the need to disconnect power in order to service the luminaire. The compact design also reduces the amount of space needed while allowing it to be fed through a ˝’’ knockout.

If a safety product is difficult to use, it may not be used correctly, which diminishes its ability to protect users. With the LUMI-NUTS™, features like daisy-chaining simplify ballast service and can enhance safety.

Rounding out the LUMI-NUTS™ safety profile are: the keying of connector halves that ensure 100% protection from mis-mating, color-coded molding and on-unit markings that provide easy recognition while reducing the risk of wiring errors. A tin-plated copper current bar supplies a best-in-class electrical rating of 6A at 600V with a UL94V-0 flame rated housing for the utmost flame-retardation. As part of the WALL-NUTS™ family, the two-pole LUMI-NUTS™ features a power input side that can accept both solid (AWG #18-12) and stranded wire (AWG #16-12) and a ballast/load side that accepts solid wire (AWG #18). A three-pole LUMI-NUTS™ version that accommodates dimming circuits will be available soon.

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