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Aavid - The worldwide leader in thermal management solutions

Recently Announced

Aavid Hi-Contact™ Liquid Cold Plates - Liquid cooling is the most compact and efficient cooling method on the market today and is growing increasingly popular as engineers find the need to dissipate higher and higher heat loads.

Aavid Max Clip System - The Max Clip System™ for discrete power semiconductors is a high performance, low cost thermal solution that eliminates mounting holes, screws, rivets, and the thermal inefficiency associated with using loose hardware to attach components to a heat sink.

Aavid Board Level Heat Sinks & Surface Mount Solutions - Aavid offers thousands of options of board level cooling solutions and options, including stamped, extruded, and surface mount heat sinks.

Aavid Extruded Heat Sinks - Aavid offers the world's largest selection of extruded heat sinks in over 5,000 tooled shapes.

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