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Aavid Board Level Heat Sinks & Surface Mount Solutions

Aavid offers thousands of options of board level cooling solutions and options, including stamped, extruded, and surface mount heat sinks. The stamping process transforms sheet metal into small, light weight, inexpensive shapes that efficiently dissipate heat. Extruded board level heat sinks offer higher heat dissipation and additional mounting options.

Aavid board level heat sinks are available in a variety of attachment methods including clip attach, slide on, epoxy, thru-holes, and solderable tabs. Aavid also offers mounting kits and mounting hardware that can provide additional electrical insulation. Heat sinks can be mounted to the device or the board depending on orientation and usage.

Aavid Heat sinks are available for any and every package and footprint including:

  • D-PAK (Surface Mount)
  • SO (Surface Mount)
  • BGA (includes extruded heat sink options and additional mounting capabilities)
  • DIP
  • TO-220
  • TO-262
  • TO-218
  • TO-247
  • TO-202
  • TO-126
  • TO-92
  • TO-3
  • TO-66
  • TO-5
  • Axial Devices

Aavid also offers compatible thermal interface options that can provide electrical insulation as well as an alternative to thermal grease.

Clip Attach

Featuring an integrated clip that negates the need for mounting hardware, these heat sinks are extremely versatile, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes for a number of applications. The ease-of-use allows for reductions in engineering costs, in addition to a reduction on assembly time.


  • Clip style attachments


  • TO-220
  • TO-218
  • TO-247
  • Other similar devices


These heat-sinks feature a slide-on application preventing the need for mounting hardware. This reduces assembly time, and overall BOM, including being solderable with integrated tabs available in a variety of sizes and shapes.


  • No need for attachment holes in printed circuit board
  • No additional components needed
  • Saves assembly time


  • TO-220
  • TO-218
  • TO-247
  • Other similar devices

Surface Mount

Suitable for SMT power semiconductor devices in D-PAK, D2PAK, D3PAK, and SO-10 packages, remove heat indirectly through conduction without making contact with the SMT device.


  • No need for attachment holes in printed circuit board
  • Wing configuration prevents interference with adjacent components
  • Compatible with tin-lead and lead-free Sn/Ag/Cu solders


  • Power supplies
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Motor controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial process control equipment
  • Consumer products

Board Level


  • Designed for multiple uses and customizations


  • Epoxy attached heat sinks with straight fins
  • Channel clip with radial fins and serrated fins
  • Unequal channel widths
  • Other similar devices

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