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Aavid Extruded Heat Sinks

Aavid offers the world's largest selection of extruded heat sinks in over 5,000 tooled shapes. These solutions provide a greater range of natural convection solutions for higher power systems or can be combined with an Aavid fan for high performance forced convection cooling.

Aavid extruded heat sinks range from simple flat back fin structures to complex geometries for optimized cooling and to fit properly on any board or device. Extruded heat sinks are designed to increase the surface area of the heat sink thereby improving heat dissipation while eliminating the cost and time associated with machining the same shape from a block of aluminum.

When creating a custom extruded solution, there are a number of cost-saving features that can be incorporated into the design. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Serrated slots
  • Clip retention features
  • Openings for screw bosses
  • Interlocking features for joining two extrusions together
  • Optimized fin spacing for screw clearance

Aavid sells extrusions in one of four ways:

  • Option One
    • Raw bar at the factory length – typically 8 feet long
    • Priced per foot
    • Available unfinished only
  • Option Two
    • Half- bar factory length – typically 4 feet long
    • Priced per piece
    • Available unfinished only
  • Option Three
    • Cut to a Customer specified length
    • Length called out in inches, up to 3 decimal places
    • Priced per piece
    • Cut to length is +/- 0.015"; tighter tolerances available, please specify
    • Customer-specified finish (see finish options below)
  • Option Four
    • Build to Print
    • Machined to Customer’s Drawing
    • Priced per piece
    • Customer-specified finish (see finish options below)
  • Additional Fabrication capabilities available:

    • Chamfering
    • Punching
    • Counterboring
    • Reaming
    • Cutting (Sawing)
    • Sanding
    • Deburring (Automated)
    • Slotting
    • Drilling (CNC)
    • Machining (EDM)
    • Epoxy Bonding
    • Stamping (High Speed)
    • Epoxy Isolation
    • Tapping
    • Fly Cutting
    • Tumbling
    • Milling (CNC)

    Finish options include:

    • Anodized
    • Painted
    • Caustic Etched
    • Silk Screened
    • Chromated (RoHS Compliant)
    • Washed
    • Irridited (RoHS Compliant)
    • Degreased

    Combine any Aavid extruded heat sink with an Aavid thermal interface material and fan for a full, reliable cooling solution.

    Part Number View Inventory
    322505B00000G Extruded Heat Sink
    322605B00000G Extruded Heat Sink
    325705B00000G Extruded Heat Sink
    501100B00000G Extruded Heat Sink
    501200B00000G Extruded Heat Sink
    513002B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    513102B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    529701B02100G Extruded Heat Sink
    529701B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    529702B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    529801B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    529802B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    529901B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    529902B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    530001B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    530002B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    530102B00100G Extruded Heat Sink
    531002B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    531102B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    531202B02100G Extruded Heat Sink
    531202B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    531302B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    532702B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    533422B02552G Extruded Heat Sink
    581002B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    581102B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
    581202B02500G Extruded Heat Sink
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