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Aavid Max Clip System

The Max Clip System™ for discrete power semiconductors is a high performance, low cost thermal solution that eliminates mounting holes, screws, rivets, and the thermal inefficiency associated with using loose hardware to attach components to a heat sink. This quick, robust attachment method saves on labor and hardware costs while increasing performance and design flexibility.

The Max Clip System™ is also the most effective system for mounting power devices in packages that have no mounting holes. Max Clips apply consistent optimum pressure at the center of the semiconductor, improving contact with the heat sink for better thermal performance and maximum component reliability.

Aavid offers approximately 50 extrusion profiles that accept over 20 different Max Clips to suit your application. The Max Clip System™ is designed to accommodate a variety of semiconductor packages including TO-220, TO-218, TO-247, TO-3P, and packages without mounting holes like TO-262, TO-273, TO-274, and TO-251.

Features and Benefits of The Max Clip System™ include:

  • Optimizes thermal management of power transistors
  • Provides mounting for discrete power devices with or without mounting holes
  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for drilled or tapped holes in heat sinks
  • Allows flexibility for moving or changing devices
  • Provides consistent mounting force for reduced thermal resistivity (over lifetime)
  • Assembly costs using The Max Clip SystemTM are lower than with conventional hardware such as screws/nuts

The Max Clip System™ provides ideal product lifetime contact to the center of the device package resulting in even force across the interface material. Max Clips maintain a constant assembly force even when interface material deteriorates over time. With conventional nuts, bolts and rivets mounting force is set at the time of assembly and can lessen over the productís service life with changes in interface material thickness. Nuts and bolts also impart force at one end of the package creating uneven pressure over the length of the device, actually creating thermal inefficiency.

Extruded serrated slots for thru board screws

U Channel / Multiple Screw Boss

Dual Mounting Surface

One piece solution.
Solderable pin options for PCB assembly (straight pins or with a shoulder)

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