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Amphenol Connectors

Amphenol CFP2 & CFP4 Surface-Mount
Receptacle Connectors

Amphenol Commercial CFP2 and CFP4 Connectors are an ideal choice for future generation, multi-hundred Gbps systems. The CFP2 and CFP4 Interconnect System is comprised of insert molding assemblies for top side contacts and press-fit cage assemblies.

CFP2 and CFP4 are rated for 28 Gbps per channel with resonance dampening for improved signal integrity. They have a plug connector on the mating interface to improve accuracy and aid in delivering high speed performance.

The CFP2 series offers a 0.6mm pitch and 104 positions, while the CFP4 series features a 0.6mm pitch and 56 positions.


  • Candidate of future generation of multi hundred Gbps systems
  • 0.6mm Pitch
  • Resonance dampening for improved signal integrity
  • Plug connector on the mating interface that improves accuracy and aids in achieving high speed performance

U98 Series - CFP2/CFP4 Cage

Part Number View Inventory
U98-B121-1001 CFP2 one port cage, conn cover, HS and clip
U98-B221-1001 CFP2 dual port cage, conn cover, HS and clip
U98-C121-100T CFP4 single cage, HS,cover

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U99 Series - CFP2/CFP4 Host Connector

Part Number View Inventory
U99-B104-200T CFP2 receptacle connector
U99-C056-200T CFP4 receptacle connector

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