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Circuit Assemblies

Circuit Assembly Releases its SCA2 Plugs in Multiple Configurations

Irvine, California (May 2004) - Circuit Assembly announces the release of its SCA2 plugs to further enhance its SCA2 product line. SCA2 (Single Connector Attachment-2) is a hard drive interface developed for SCSI and FC-AL systems. The newly designed plugs were developed as the mates to the Circuit Assembly receptacles, which are installed on a backplane to mate directly with SCA2 plugs installed on a disk drive. CA's SCA2 plugs are currently available in the following configurations: through-hole, compliant pin, right angle through-hole and surface mount.

Incorporating power, options block and data signals into one single-mated connector pair, the SCA2 receptacles and plugs eliminate the need for cable assemblies and provide a substantial cost reduction to manufacturers. With SCA2, manufacturers are also able to use only two connectors as opposed to the previous twelve (three double-ended cable assemblies and their mating connectors) for each disk drive attachment.

All of CA's SCA2 connectors consist of staggered contact heights to enable hot-plugging. Additionally, alignment guides on both ends of the SCA2 connectors permit blindmateability. Circuit Assembly's SCA2 receptacle configurations include standard-height through-hole pin, extended-height through-hole, standard-height compliant pin and extended-height compliant pin, as well as the patent pending LokDownTM System.

About Circuit Assembly
Headquartered in Irvine, California, Circuit Assembly has delivered a host of connectors and cable assemblies to the global marketplace since 1969. During the past 35 years, Circuit Assembly has established multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide and international distribution channels throughout the American, European, and Asian-Pacific markets. Over the years, Circuit Assembly has built a solid reputation by achieving customer satisfaction through offering superior products, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery.

LokDown™ is a trademark of Circuit Assembly

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