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Itís easy to talk about integrating IIoT, but itís another thing entirely to do it. Many people donít know where to start or what IIoT applications would benefit their operations the best. Thatís why HARTING developed these IIoT starter kits. Each kit has everything needed for a basic application and is ideal for those starting with IIoT. The HARTING MICA boasts a container-based open architecture so users can easily customize to their specific application well beyond what is included in the kits.

  • Everything is in one kit Ė so itís low risk
  • Software and hardware compatibility is guaranteed
  • Only takes 10 minutes to set up
There are three IIoT Starter Kits:
HARTING MICA CISS Complete IIoT Starter Kit
This kit contains everything needed for a basic condition monitoring application. The kit comes with a sensor that can measure seven different parameters, including vibrations, acoustics, temperature, humidity and more. The sensor is connected to the HARTING MICA, the edge-computing device that processes, computes and visualizes all the data coming from the sensor. The HARTING MICA is pre-installed with software that includes an easy to use dashboard that shows you all of the sensor information.
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HARTING MICA RF-R300 Complete RFID Starter Kit
This kit contains everything needed for a basic RFID asset tracking application. Inside there are industrial RFID tags, the HARTING MICA RF-R300 reader, two antennas and all the cabling you need. The HARTING MICA is pre-installed with a demo version of the Ha-VIS Middleware, which translates the raw RFID signals formats into modern software frameworks. The demo software is fully functional for a period of 6 hours at a time to allow for a complete evaluation.† Contact us for full software pricing.
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HARTING MICA Basic Ethernet Starter Kit
This kit is ideal for those who are looking to connect periphery devices through Ethernet that may communicate over protocols such as Modbus-TCP or OPC UA. The kit contains all of the cabling required to get started and a basic version of the HARTING MICA and software. Like with all the other starter kits, this kit comes equipped with Fast-Ethernet capabilities, 8 digital GPIO ports, and the ability to be powered over PoE or 12V/24V.
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