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Hirose DM3C-SF

Hirose DF62 SeriesThe Hirose Electric MicroSD™ Card Connectors have extremely small external dimensions and the above-the-board height makes the connectors the smallest on the market. With three different card insertion/ejection types, all card connectors feature a unique card slot design that protects the connectors from damage due to a mis-insertion. Hirose designed the MicroSD Card Connectors with high-strength materials to produce a strong, rigid structure with 4-contact points to the PCB to ensure a secure connection of the ground circuit and to provide EMI protection. Ideal for mobile phone terminals, digital cameras, PDAs, miniature information terminals, and any other portable device requiring the use of small-size high-reliability microSD memory card connectors.

The DM3C-SF connectors have a hinged metal cover that provides location and guides the card during the insertion and removal. Closing the cover confirms the electrical and mechanical connection with a tactile click sensation. They have a unique contact design and card slide action that will clean the contact areas of the card. Also, the contact solder terminations may be inspected and reworked.


  • Extremely small size
  • REverse card insertion protection
  • Effective ground and shield configuration
  • Rigid and strong construction
  • Card detection switch
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DM3C-SF Hirose DM3C-SF

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