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Hirose Product News

DF52 Series

Hirose has introduced their DF52 Series, which is a small 0.8mm-pitch wire-to-board connector that delivers up to 2.5A per contact. The DF52 Series provides a space-saving, robust, wire-to-board connectivity solution for applications requiring more strength and durability.

Hirose DF52 SeriesThe connector range consists of crimp plugs and right angle receptacles in a single row and with a height of only 1.75mm and a depth of 4.1mm, the miniature wire-to-board connector provides significant PCB space savings. The low-profile DF52 Series combines a compact design with a thick housing structure, ensuring high reliability and ruggedness in consumer, gaming, imaging, security and wearable applications.

The DF52 Series utilizes robust box-shaped crimp terminals that prevent snaring or breakage and stabilize the contact. The header terminals are C-shaped with two points of contact on the top and bottom. The DF52 Series housing is designed with an open side that allows for visual inspection to insure the connectors are fully mated preventing accidental disconnect.


  • 0.8mm Pitch, 1.75mm Height, 4.1mm Depth makes this connector suitable for small-sized applications
  • The housing is designed with thick walls while remaining small. This produces a strong, robust connector that resists damage.
  • The maximum current of 2.5A (using 2-pos 28 AWG wire) is achieved by using highly conductive material and appropriate contact force, which makes this connector suitable for high current applications.
  • The BOX shaped crimp contact prevents deformation during assembly and contributes to the overall stability and robustness.
  • The housing is designed with an open side that allows for visual inspection to insure the connectors are fully mated preventing accidental disconnect.
  • Halogen-free


  • Notebook PCs
  • Tablets
  • Digital Cameras
  • Wearable Devices
  • Security Cameras
  • Multi-Functional Printers
  • Amusement Equipment
  • Video Games

Part Number View Inventory
DF52-10P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 10 CKT 668-0017-7 00 BAG
DF52-10S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 10 CKT 668-0008-6 21 REEL
DF52-12P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 12 CKT 668-0018-0 00 BAG
DF52-12S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 12 CKT 668-0009-9 21 REEL
DF52-14P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 14 CKT 668-0028-3 00 BAG
DF52-14S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 14 CKT 668-0024-2 21 REEL
DF52-15P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 15 CKT 668-0019-2 00 BAG
DF52-15S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 15 CKT 668-0010-8 21 REEL
DF52-16P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 16 CKT 668-0029-6 00 BAG
DF52-16S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 16 CKT 668-0025-5 21 REEL
DF52-17P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 17 CKT 668-0002-0 00 BAG
DF52-17S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 17 CKT 668-0001-7 21 REEL
DF52-20P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 20 CKT 668-0020-1 00 BAG
DF52-20S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 20 CKT 668-0011-0 21 REEL
DF52-2832PCF DF52 CONTACT 668-0030-5 00 REEL
DF52-2P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 2 CKT 668-0013-6 00 BAG
DF52-2S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 2 CKT 668-0004-5 21 REEL
DF52-3P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 3 CKT 668-0026-8 00 BAG
DF52-3S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 3 CKT 668-0022-7 21 REEL
DF52-4P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 4 CKT 668-0014-9 00 BAG
DF52-4S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 4 CKT 668-0005-8 21 REEL
DF52-5P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 5 CKT 668-0027-0 00 BAG
DF52-5S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 5 CKT 668-0023-0 21 REEL
DF52-6P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 6 CKT 668-0015-1 00 BAG
DF52-6S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 6 CKT 668-0006-0 21 REEL
DF52-8P-0.8C WTB CRIMP PLUG, 0.8MM, 8 CKT 668-0016-4 00 BAG
DF52-8S-0.8H(21) WTB RCPT HDR, 0.8MM, 8 CKT 668-0007-3 21 REEL

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DF52 Series (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering

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