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Hirose Product News

DF58 Series

Hirose's DF58 Series are an ultra-low-profile wire-to-board power connector that is designed for a wide range of consumer and portable power supply applications. The DF58 Series has a pitch of only 1.2mm and a stacking height of 1.0mm, which makes this connector the industry's lowest profile when used with a 28 AWG wire. Hirose's DF58 Hirose DF58 SeriesSeries can support higher currents of up to 3.0A due to a high conductivity material and lowering contact resistance through optimized contact force.

This Hirose features the ViSe (Vertical-insertion Swing-extraction) Lock design that strengthens the cable side lock and provides a reliable connection. The ViSe lock combines a positive lock mechanism that produces a high retention force to prevent cables from being disconnected due to tough routing or an excessive load.

The DF58 Series offers a highly reliable contact design by using a 2-point clipping contact which stabilizes contact resistance in spite of the low profile 1.0mm stacking height.


  • Small-sized, low profile connector with 1.0mm stacking height
  • Leveling of the vertical mating cable
  • Vertical insertion of the connector for mating enhances the assembly operation within device
  • Proprietary ViSe Lock design
  • Prevents the cables from being easily disconnected due to tough routing or an excessive load
  • High current capability up the maximum of 3.0A
  • High reliability contact design
  • Effective mating length of 0.29mm achieved despite low profile 1.0mm stacking height
  • 2-point clipping contact stabilizes contact resistance
  • Halogen-free


  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Laptops
  • Robots
  • Smart-phones
  • Tablets
  • Wearable devices
  • Other compact devices with small batteries

Part Number View Inventory
AP105-DF58-2830S APPLICATOR 901-4649-0-00
AP105-DF58-2830S(61) APPLICATOR, INSULATION CRIMPER 901-4649-0-61
AP105-DF58-2830S(62) APPLICATOR PART WIRE CRIMPER 901-4649-0-62
AP105-DF58-2830S(63) APPLICATOR PART ANVIL 901-4649-0-63
AP105-DF58-2830S(64) APPLICATOR PART CUT-OFF-PUNCH 901-4649-0-64
AP105-DF58-2830S(65) APPLICATOR PART CUT-OFF-DIE 901-4649-0-65
DF58-2830SCF CRIMP CONTACT AWG 2830 666-1011-0-00
DF58-2P-1.2V(21) STRAIGHT HEADER 2 POS 666-1001-0-21
DF58-2S-1.2C CRIMP SOCKET 2 POS 666-1006-0-00
DF58-3P-1.2V(21) STRAIGHT HEADER 3 POS 666-1002-0-21
DF58-3S-1.2C CRIMP SOCKET 3 POS 666-1007-0-00
DF58-4P-1.2V(21) STRAIGHT HEADER 4 POS 666-1003-0-21
DF58-4S-1.2C CRIMP SOCKET 4 POS 666-1008-0-00
DF58-6P-1.2V(21) STRAIGHT HEADER 6 POS 666-1005-0-21
DF58-6S-1.2C CRIMP SOCKET 6 POS 666-1010-0-00
HT307/DF58-2830HC HAND TOOL 902-4671-0-00

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DF58 Series (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering

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