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DF63W Waterproof Connectors

Hirose DF63W Connectors Hirose Electric DF63W IP67 Waterproof Connectors are small, wire-to-wire power connectors capable of delivering up 14A in the 2 positions version using 16AWG wire. The seals are pre-installed so that connecting the crimped contact and housing completes the sealed assembly. The connectors feature a slim design and smooth rounded contours that reduce snagging or catching inside conduits and other small structures.

Color and guide key options prevent mis-mating when multiple connectors are used on the same design with the same pin count. A positive locking structure provides a tactile click to ensure complete mating.


  • Max current of 14A
  • Compact shape designed for wiring through narrow areas
  • IP67 Rated
  • Simplified wire insertion
  • Positive lock structure
  • Compatible with a wide variety of cables
  • Mis-mating prevention with color and guide key options
Part Number View Inventory
DF63W-2EP-3.96C W-T-W SKT, 2 POSITION, 2.8-3.2
DF63W-2S-3.96C W-T-W SKT, 2 POSITION, 1.7-2.4
DF63W-3EP-3.96C W-T-W PLUG, 3 POSITION, 2.8-3.2
DF63W-3S-3.96C W-T-W SKT, 3 POSITION, 2.8-3.2
DF63W-4EP-3.96C W-T-W PLUG, 4 POSITION, 2.8-3.2
DF63W-4S-3.96C W-T-W SKT, 4 POSITION, 2.8-3.2
DF63WA-2EP-3.96C W-T-W PLUG, 2 POSITION, 1.7-2.4
DF63WA-2S-3.96C W-T-W SKT, 2 POSITION, 1.7-2.4
DF63WA-3EP-3.96C W-T-W PLUG, 3 POSITION, 1.7-2.4
DF63WA-3S-3.96C W-T-W SKT, 3 POSITION, 1.7-2.4
DF63WA-4EP-3.96C W-T-W PLUG, 4 POSITION, 1.7-2.4
DF63WA-4S-3.96C W-T-W SKT, 4 POSITION, 1.7-2.4

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