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Hirose Product News

FX23/FX23L Series

Hirose's FX23/FX23L series has been introduced to meet the requirements for floating connectors that can handle high current ratings and high-speed transmission.

The connector range consists of headers and receptacles that allow a parallel or right angle board-to-board connection. The header has a unique floating structure embedded inside the fixed base of the housing. This design allows an alignment movement in XY directions of ± 0.6mm minimum (max) to absorb mounting misalignment.

High speed transmission of up to 8 Gbps (max) is supported by the innovative contact design to ensure impedance-matching. The ground contacts are situated between the adjacent differentials pair contacts to reduce crosstalk for better performance.

The connector has a hybrid structure featuring power and signal contacts. Four built-in power contacts that can carry up to 3A current rating each are located along the mating guides to save space and the signal contacts can carry 0.5A each.



  • ±0.6mm maximum floating in XY directions allows for precise alignment when using multiple board-to-board connectors on one assembly
  • High speed transmission up to 8 Gbps reduces bitrate errors
  • 2 power pins on each side of the connector housing eliminates the need to route power through multiple signal contacts
  • Signal terminal rated up to 0.5A
  • Stacking heights for parallel connection: 15 to 30mm, for right angle: 15.9 to 20.9mm allows for design flexibility
  • Accepts conformal coating at SMT leads to protect contacts in harsh environments
  • Low-profile parallel connection for use in thin assemblies
  • Excellent mating alignment with large guide posts prevents contact damage


  • Industrial Equipment
  • Broadcast Equipment
  • POS Terminals
  • Medical Devices
  • BTS
  • Servo Motors
  • PLC
  • Car Navigation Equipment


Part Number View Inventory
FX23-100S-0.5SV10 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT,100 POS
FX23-120P-0.5SV20 0.5MM HEADER, VERT,120 POS
FX23-120S-0.5SV10 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT,120 POS
FX23-20P-0.5SV15 0.5MM HEADER, VERT, 20 POS
FX23-20P-0.5SV20 0.5MM HEADER, VERT, 20 POS
FX23-20S-0.5SH 0.5MM RECEPT, RA, 20 POS
FX23-20S-0.5SV 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT, 20 POS
FX23-20S-0.5SV10 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT, 20 POS
FX23-40P-0.5SV15 0.5MM HEADER, VERT, 40 POS
FX23-40P-0.5SV20 0.5MM HEADER, VERT, 40 POS
FX23-40S-0.5SH 0.5MM RECEPT, RA, 40 POS
FX23-40S-0.5SV 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT, 40 POS
FX23-40S-0.5SV10 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT, 40 POS
FX23-60P-0.5SV15 0.5MM HEADER, VERT, 60 POS
FX23-60P-0.5SV20 0.5MM HEADER, VERT, 60 POS
FX23-60S-0.5SH 0.5MM RECEPT, RA, 60 POS
FX23-60S-0.5SV 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT, 60 POS
FX23-60S-0.5SV10 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT, 60 POS
FX23-80P-0.5SV20 0.5MM HEADER, VERT, 80 POS
FX23-80S-0.5SV 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT, 80 POS
FX23-80S-0.5SV10 0.5MM RECEPT, VERT, 80 POS

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FX23/FX23L Series (.pdf) for more product information, specifications, applications and ordering

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