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Hirose DF59 Series 2.0mm Pitch Connectors

DF59 SeriesDeveloped for LED applications, Hirose DF59 Series 2.0mm Pitch Connectors feature an ultra-low profile design which minimizes shadowing. These 2.0mm pitch connectors enable multiple wire-to-board, co-planar board-to-board bridge, and short-circuit pin connections to the PCB, minimizing the issue of thermal expansion. The floating board-to-board connector with "stress free contact" allows ± 0.5 mm floating function in XYZ directions. The DF59 Series features Hirose's positive "swing-lock" mechanism to provide strong plug retention against cable pull. Hirose's DF59 Series connectors are available in 2, 3, and 4 positions.

Floating Structure (Board-to-Board) - The Board-to-Board connector can be used to connect multiple boards together in a co-planar arrangement and features a "Stress free contact" that floats ± 0.5mm in the X, Y and Z dimensions to allow for thermal expansion.

Swing Lock Structure (Wire-to-Board) - The DF59 features a "swing-lock" mechanism that employs both a positive and friction lock. This helps to prevent the cable assembly from unmating in demanding applications.

Short-Circuit Pin Connector - The Short-Circuit Pin connector allows the termination of an open circuit. Typically used at the end of a series of connected circuit boards.

Multi Function Design - The DF59 has the ability to function as either a Board-to-Wire or Board-to-Board System. The PCB mounted receptacle is designed to mate with the B-to-W, B-to-B, and Short Circuit Pin connectors. This multi function ability allows versatility while keeping connectors to a minimum.

Performance and Space Savings - The DF59 series offers high performance in a compact, space saving design; featuring a 3 amp current rating, a 2mm pitch and coupled with a mated height of only 2.48mm.

Contact Design - The terminal's design features two points of contact to ensure a highly reliable connection.

High Operating Temperature - DF59's are rated at temperatures up to 105°C

Applicator Sharing-Crimping can be performed using the applicator (AP105-DF11-22S) for the existing series DF11-22S C F(A), by replacing the die with the one for DF59 series.

* For crimping quality standards and crimping conditions, crimping needs to be performed in accordance with the specific conditions of DF59-22PCFA.


  • Developed for LED applications
  • Ultra low profile design, minimizes shadowing
  • Wire-to-Board, Board-to-Board, and Short-Circuit, are applicable to common header
  • Positive "Swing-lock" engagement provides strong plug retention against cable pull
  • Floating Board-to-Board connector with "Stress free contact" allows ± 0.5 mm floating function in XYZ directions
  • Multiple Board-to-Board connections are possible, minimizing the issue of thermal expansion


  • -35°C to 105°C temperature range
  • High current capability; 3 Amps
  • AWG #22: 1.2 to 1.45 mm diameter
  • RoHS compliant
  • cUL Pending
  • LED Applications
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DF59 Hirose DF59 Series Connector System

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